Pick of the week: Biz strategy for the internet economy

November 18, 2010

web2.0 Summit 2010: The Internet Economy

Web2.0 leaders discuss the "Internet Economy"

Looking for the latest on the internet economy? As Web2.0 goes through its mid-life-crisis — beyond the hype of a shiny new toy and into the competitive — leaders are debating and determining business strategy.

Such was the theme at the 2010 edition of the annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco which just wrapped up this week. Unlike some invitation-only events, Summit organizers live-streamed the panels, interviews and presentations that were on the agenda.

If you missed the action while it happened, conference videos (and in some cases, slides) are now available for viewing.

With over 50 of the Web’s leading executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, financiers and analysts featured at the Summit, there’s a lot of bold-face names to choose from, including Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker, Yahoo’s Carol Bartz and Zappos’ Tony Hsieh (who admits he only owns three pairs of shoes, “not counting flipflops”).

Web 2.0 Summit

Catch the proceedings on the Internet Economy and social media

If you’re active in the consumer digital space, the content is well worth a peek – see: http://www.web2summit.com/web2010/public/schedule/proceedings

(Also worth checking out is the map behind this year’s Summit theme, “Points of Control: The Battle for the Network Economy.”

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