MaRS Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Technology Evaluation (EXCITE)

MaRS Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Technology Evaluation (EXCITE) is a groundbreaking partnership created to establish effective pre-market evidence development and evaluation of medical technologies. EXCITE will harmonize health technology evaluation into a single, pre-market evidence-based evaluation process for technologies with disruptive potential and specific relevance to health system priorities.

EXCITE moves the evaluation of relevant, disruptive technologies upstream. By evaluating medical technologies in the pre-market phase of development, contextual evidence can both align industrial technology innovation with health system demands and improve the quality of technologies still in development.

EXCITE’s evaluation process delivers improved, more relevant technologies and streamlines the adoption by the health system―resulting in lower health-care costs and increased patient benefits. Taking a leadership step in this nascent field could yield a substantial economic impact: attracting multinational companies to test and build new technologies, stimulating new innovation and job growth in the health technology sector, and increasing local and international adoption of Ontario-produced innovations.


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