Do you have a new business idea or are you just starting out? Start on the right track by joining other aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs to learn and apply the latest tools used by the world’s most successful businesses at one of Canada’s top universities.  In each of the courses in the certificate program, you’ll move your business forward with strategies and tools that will save you time, reduce your risk and help you maximize your business opportunity.

MaRS is proud to announce our collaboration with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies on a new Certificate in Entrepreneurship with the first course launched October 2013.  The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is currently offered at the St. George campus and will be offered at the Mississauga campus starting in fall 2014.

This certificate program consists of six courses that use the latest entrepreneurial thinking and tools to help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs from all sectors overcome startup challenges and set their new businesses on the path to growth and sustainability.  We’ll guide you through the initial stages of building a business, from building your idea into a business model, to understanding, communicating and effectively selling to your target market, hiring the right people, and managing your finances to best capitalize on your business opportunity.

The program includes an intimate yet hands-on classroom experience: one-on-one interaction with instructors; exposure to successful entrepreneurs; and lots of peer feedback. Participants will have the opportunity to talk to professionals and potential customers to gain real world insights to apply to their business.

Classes will be led by successful entrepreneurs and experienced professionals who understand the challenges of starting a new business.

More information about the six courses of the program and registration can be found here.