Building and Managing a Team

Apr 03, 2013 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

MaRS Auditorium
101 College Street
Toronto, ON

Every start-up encounters speed bumps on the highway of growth. It’s the people on your team who will enable your company to power through them. Skills and capabilities must evolve as you grow. You’ll need to navigate advisory and other boards, recruit well and have effective team communication and a CEO who sets the stage for the company culture – all just to set you up for that early-stage VC funding.

Part of the Entrepreneurship 101 Series

About the speaker

Sandy Buik

Sandy Buik is an award-winning business leader who specializes in human resources and organizational effectiveness. She has much experience with large, sophisticated tier 1 corporate environments and also with mandates to build, transform and scale private-equity-backed fast-growth startups. Sandy is an advisor in the MaRS ICE practice, where she focuses on talent and organizational structure and acts as a sounding board to clients whose businesses centre on HR-related technology. Most recently, Sandy was VP Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness for a SaaS company that was ranked as a PROFIT 100 and a Branham300, scaling it from 250 to 400 employees in 12 months. She is currently Principal of HCap Inc., advising companies on talent and organizational issues during the critical early- and mid-growth stages. She sits on different tech startup advisory boards and has held a position as part-time professor at the Schulich School of Business.

Sandy is passionate about innovative talent approaches, and about leveraging HR and collaborative technologies early to create lean, scalable, business processes and high-performance teams that deliver.

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