IP Management

Nov 21, 2012 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

MaRS Auditorium
101 College Street
Toronto, ON

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of every knowledge-based start-up or venture. In this lecture, learn how to identify and manage your intellectual property in a strategic way and examine how it fits in with your overall business model. A large part of your competitive advantage depends on your ability to protect and properly exploit or commercialize your product or service innovations. IP law provides the framework for protecting and commercializing these innovations. We use some real-world examples, particularly in the IT/Web 2.0 space, where IP issues arise and discuss how to address them effectively.


  • Nathaniel Lipkus, Litigator, Gilbert’s LLP
  • Matthew Powell, Patent Agent, Gilbert’s LLP
  • Ashlee Froese, Lawyer and Trademark Agent, Gilbert’s LLP

Nathaniel Lipkus, Matt Powell and Ashlee Froese are professionals at Gilbert’s LLP.  Gilbert’s is a full-service legal boutique built to serve the needs of innovation-driven industries.  Nathaniel is a cross-border lawyer and Canadian patent and trade-mark agent, and his practice focuses on IP litigation, primarily in the information technology and life sciences areas.  Matt is a cross-border patent agent, and his practice focuses on drafting patents and management of patent portfolios.  Ashlee is a lawyer and cross-border trade-mark agent, and her practice focuses on the branding of innovative products.



Part of the Entrepreneurship 101 Series

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