B2B Sales Strategy: Insider tips

Mar 22, 2012 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

MaRS Studio
101 College Street
Toronto, ON

Have you mastered the fundamentals of sales strategy for a growing B2B organization? Want to refresh your skills?

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of these best practices:

  • Creating the right value proposition
  • Choosing the best target
  • Understanding how to reach your partners and customers
  • Navigating the steps of the sales process
  • Using tools to help with the close
  • Leading the sales team

Part of the Financing Workbook 3: Identifying, Targeting and Engaging Potential Investors Series

About the speaker

Mark Elliott
Venture Accelerator Partners Inc.

Mark Elliott is the co-founder of Venture Accelerator (VA) Partners, a company that provides part-time sales and marketing assistance to growing firms. Mark has over 15 years of sales, marketing and management experience. VA Partners has worked with over 50 companies in the last five years. Their successes include closing multiple customers to create a $600,000 annual annuity stream for a finance company, working with a cleantech firm to close $4,000,000 in opportunities, leveraging social media for an account that led to over $100,000 in sales and booking over 70 meetings with key contacts through social media.

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