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At MaRS, we’re committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Read more about our sustainability practices below.

The MaRS Centre

  • MaRS’ extensive recycling program includes tenant participation. Organics are separated at the source and cardboard, paper bottles and cans and laboratory plastics are all recycled. Food court retailers and catering contractors also recycle.
  • MaRS’ building automation and central air handling systems include a heat recovery wheel to recover waste heat from building exhaust.
  • MaRS has an extensive lighting control system that automates lighting after hours and when suites are not in use. We are currently auditioning LED lighting in select areas to determine suitability for future retrofits.
  • The MaRS Centre and our partners use environmentally friendly (biodegradable ammonia-free and phosphate-free) cleaning products.
  • MaRS uses rechargeable electric equipment for its summer landscaping program.
  • MaRS’ Collaboration Centre meeting rooms, lower concourse and atrium feature natural light.
  • MaRS uses an innovative carpet maintenance program that requires 319% less hydro and 95% less water consumption compared to extraction cleaning.
  • MaRS has performed a top-to-bottom energy audit and identified areas where we can reduce energy use.

The Collaboration Centre

  • MaRS does not use or serve bottled water.
  • MaRS’ catering partners purchase carbon-offsets through CarbonZero for their entire fleets of vehicles.
  • MaRS Collaboration Centre caterers use seasonal, regional cuisine wherever possible.
  • MaRS’ catering partners use local wines: Henry of Pelham, Mike Weir Wine, Chateau des Charmes, Peninsula Ridge, Reif Estate Winery.
  • MaRS supports and donates to Second Harvest.
  • MaRS’ kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art energy efficient ventilation systems, quick recovery, low energy use hot water tanks and compact fluorescent lighting.


  • MaRS is the lead developer of the Discovery District Energy Plan, a plan to significantly reduce energy consumption and source more efficient electricity through district-wide energy solutions.
  • MaRS participates in car-sharing through AutoShare: employees of tenant companies are eligible for a discounted membership fee and a plug-in hybrid vehicle is available at MaRS.
  • MaRS employees maintain the Bee Project on the MaRS rooftop to raise awareness of the role bees play in food sustainability and ecosystems.

Our Hotel Partners

  • Linen reuse programs allow guests to request that their linens are not changed, reducing the use of detergents, water and electricity.
  • Eco-friendly showerheads reduce water usage.
  • Old towels are converted into cleaning rags.
  • Linen, bedding, beds, pillows, and unclaimed lost and found items are donated to local charities.
  • All room attendants are trained on the proper application of chemicals and MSDS items.
  • Internal reports are delivered electronically.
  • Guest key cards are reused.
  • A “Green Council” ensures hotels maintain the highest standards of environmental stewardship.
  • Fresh and frozen foods are donated to Second Harvest.
  • Low voltage, eco-friendly light bulbs are used in guest rooms to reduce hydro consumption.
  • Blue box/recycling facilities are provided in every room.
  • Participation in the Green Key Program: a graduated rating system designed to recognized hotels that are committed to improving their fiscal and environmental performance.

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