Collecting Health Information Safely: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Stephen Whitney, Of Counsel at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, highlights key strategies for startups in the health IT sector to safeguard the collection of personal health information.

Going Global Series – Energy Market Insights: Colombia

 This is the second instalment of the Going Global Series on international energy markets – published by the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS Discovery District. The Going Global series provides a 360-degree view of the energy system in international priority markets for … Read More

Lifecycle of a startup

Do you have an idea for a new product? In this talk, Jon Worren of MaRS Discovery District walks through the step-by-step process to build a startup. Entrepreneurship 101 2015/16

Being an entrepreneur: What it’s really like

Chris Draper, CEO and Founder of OStheory, captures what it’s really like to build an innovative company. Chris offers a unique perspective and expert tips on finding success by taking action and staying self-motivated. Entrepreneurship 101 2015/16

Doing Business With China: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Aron Solomon, Head, LegalX, MaRS Discovery District, and Chris Flood, Counsel, Blakes, share insights on how startups can recognize and make the most of market opportunities with China.

Designing sales compensation plans for your startup

Designing successful sales compensation plans requires a fine balance of business strategy, competitive pay levels and affordability.

Salary, benefits and incentives: Key components of your employee compensation strategy

Employee compensation is a key element in a competitive human resources strategy. Learn the factors you need to attract and retain employees.

Going Global Series – Energy Market Insights: Chile

The Going Global Energy Market Insights: Chile report provides a 360-degree view of Chile’s energy market and system for export-ready Canadian energy companies.

Involuntary employee termination: Sample checklist

In the case of an involuntary termination of an employee, it is easier to follow a planned process. This will help you protect the rights of your startup as well as those of your employee.

Resignation of an employee: Sample termination checklist

In the case of a voluntary termination of an employee, it is easier to follow a planned process. This will help you protect the rights of your startup as well as those of your employee.

Non-compete agreement

A non-compete agreement is an agreement not to enter into a similar position or start a similar business that competes with your company.

Storytelling: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Mark Evans, Principal, ME Consulting, highlights how well-crafted stories can spark emotions, build connections and trigger actions. Learn how you can use the art of storytelling to engage your customer.

Employee performance review: Sample template

The performance review template acts as a formal communication tool to ensure both employee and reviewer understand and agree to performance expectations over a review period.

Sales compensation plan: Sample template of sales contract

A sales compensation contract enables your salespeople to understand your startup’s sales plan and track their compensation based on performance. This downloadable template can help.

Successful sales compensation plans: Setting the foundation

Developing a sales compensation plan requires a keen understanding of your business objectives as well as advanced financial skills.

Setting employee performance objectives

Well-written employee performance objectives are critical, yet elusive for many companies. Having clear performance objectives affords advantages.

Designing the right employee incentive programs and bonus plans

Bonus and incentive programs can yield effective results. But if not properly run, these programs can become a barrier to business success.

Creating employee bonus and incentive programs: An overview

Bonus and incentive programs can effectively motivate employees. But if not well implemented, these programs can also impede business success and frustrate employees.

Employee absenteeism: Sample tracking tool

An absenteeism tracking tool is an essential element in ensuring that employees and managers carefully monitor vacation time, sick days and other leaves of absence.

Training evaluation: Sample feedback questionnaire for trainees

Getting feedback from your employees on a training session provides valuable information to your startup. This downloadable questionnaire helps you in evaluating the training process.

Talent management: Defining your compensation strategy and plan

To attract talent and remain competitive, startups need to design an effective compensation plan that meets the needs of both their business and the market for talent.

Salary surveys: Compensation for employees

Credible salary surveys are valuable in any economic environment. They provide statistical insight into the markets in which you compete for skills.

Job evaluation: Tailoring compensable factors for your startup

A job evaluation plan is a tool that helps your startup determine the internal value of a job in order to assign the appropriate salary level.

Training programs: Evaluating ROI and training effectiveness

Training is an important component of business success. Measuring the effectiveness of the training programs that your startup offers is a key step in ensuring you realize the expected return on investment (ROI). After each training event, evaluate whether your … Read More