Issue Brief on Seed-Stage Impact Investing in Canada: Insights from the field

This issue brief serves as a snapshot of the seed-stage impact investing market in 2015. Based on interviews with market players, the brief provides insight into the state of seed-stage impact investing in Canada and describes how, in practical terms, these investments happen.

Approaching an angel investor: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Are you seeking capital? Karen Grant, Executive Director and Founder, Angel One Investor Network, provides key advice for startups preparing to approach potential investors.

The Pitch – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Frank Erschen, Director of the Network of Angel Organizations, and Melissa Durrell, President of Durrell Communications, share the essentials of building and delivering an effective pitch to potential investors. Learn all the components of telling a compelling story to spark … Continued

How to incorporate competencies in your startup’s recruitment process

Competencies are employee behaviours, skills or attributes that research has shown to directly affect performance. In a knowledge-based world, where many startups operate, it’s not just about “what you do,” but rather “how you do it” that impacts both corporate … Continued

360 panel on venture capital funding – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Find out how venture capital firms operate and the factors that influence investment decisions from three leading tech investors from the MaRS community. The conversation is led by our panel moderator Tim Jackson. Speakers: ​​Tim Jackson, EVP Corporate and Community … Continued

Using 3D Printing in Manufacturing: Four Hot Tips for Startups

John Brown and Dubi Finklshtein of Javelin Technologies provide key advice for startups using 3D printing (or, additive manufacturing) in building prototypes as well as later in the production process.

Raising money from venture capitalists – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Michelle McBane, Investment Director with the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (MaRS IAF), shares how a venture capital (VC) fund operates, assesses and structures a deal, and talks about the VC-entrepreneur relationship.

Vacation policy: What Ontario employers should know

Your startup’s vacation policy can be key to your attraction, retention and compensation strategy. A clear policy that extends to all employees helps you manage vacation benefits fairly and effectively.

Public holidays: What Ontario employers need to know

In most cases in Ontario, employers are required to provide employees with public holidays, which are separate from vacations. This overview highlights employer responsibilities per the Ontario Employment Standards Act.

Managing overtime: What Ontario employers need to know

While at times every company may have a need for staff to work overtime, this should be carefully managed.

Leaves of absence and employer responsibilities in Ontario

Know your responsibilities as an employer in managing employee leaves of absence.

Talent management: Compensation issues and your employees

Proper handling of compensation issues requires knowledge of employment trends, how to value jobs both internally and externally, and how to adapt to varying financial conditions.

Meet the Entrepreneurs: Health – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

The winners of the 2014 MaRS HealthKick pitch competition share advice on how to tell your venture story effectively, leverage experience from pitching, and best use the rewards from a competition. Learn more about MaRS HealthKick. Panel: Jeff Ruby, Founder … Continued

Deep learning: Changing the playing field of artificial intelligence

Ruslan Salakhutdinov, a CIFAR fellow and assistant professor of Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Toronto, talks about how deep learning is changing the field of artificial intelligence and revolutionizing our online experience, with applications including speech and … Continued

#LegalLean at MaRS: Mitch Kowalski – The great legal reformation

The successful law firm of 2025 will emerge from the choices made by law firm leaders today.

Employee bonuses: Milestone or project bonus plans

Project bonuses, also called milestone bonuses, focus employees on critical deadlines. Project bonus plans, due to their high-profile nature, are usually well-communicated and well-defined, running over the short term (three to six months). Project bonus plans typically involve senior management, … Continued

Terminating employees respectfully: When a startup faces firing an employee

Terminating, or firing, an employee is often a difficult situation, but there are ways to ensure that both parties are left with their integrity and self-respect. When faced with the situation of firing an employee, focus on three areas: Legal … Continued

Exit interviews and startups: Learn from your departing employees

When employees leave your startup, conducting an exit interview with them can be useful. It can show you ways to better attract and retain staff in the longer term. In a startup environment, the exit interview does not need to … Continued

Lived It Lecture with Carol Leaman – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Axonify president and CEO, Carol Leaman discusses how to build a profitable company that moves in the right direction with the market and shares important personal lessons learned from her journey as an entrepreneur.

Harnessing the power of self-interest for collective impact — MaRS Global Leadership

What role does self-interest play in our quest for solutions to complex social challenges? The word “self-interest” is virtually taboo in the social change community. However, understanding self-interest, as well as what motivates us as people and what leads others … Continued

#LegalLean at MaRS: Ronan Levy – Risky business: Why learning to love risk will make you a better lawyer, guaranteed.

Ronan is unlike any lawyer you’ve met before. Described as “too creative to be a lawyer” and “the most entrepreneurial lawyer you’ll ever meet”, Ronan takes a radically different perspective on law and the practice of it. Ronan is a founder of … Continued

Alternative sources of funding – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

In this talk, Jon Worren, Senior Director and Entrepreneur in Residence at MaRS, shares tips on how to build a successful company without outside investors. Learn how to use bootstrapping methods to manage minimal resources for maximum growth and take … Continued

Demystifying SR&ED: Three Hot Tips for Startups

Terry Lavineway, Director of Business Incentives, Welch LLP, highlights some of the ins and outs for entrepreneurs to know when applying for tax credits under the Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SR&ED).

Navigating common accounting challenges: Three Hot Tips for Startups

Bryan Haralovich, Partner, Welch LLP, highlights how to best manage certain accounting challenges that entrepreneurs commonly face. Learn more about your possible US tax consequences, mitigating foreign currency fluctuations and meeting your payroll responsibilities.