Going Global and Entering New Markets: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Marie Chevrier (Founder, Sampler) and Jake Hirsch-Allen (Partner, Functional Imperative and Lighthouse Labs) underline key strategies to help startups succeed as they enter new international markets.

Rewarding your critical resources: A compensation strategy for startups

Given the competitive business world, many companies have realized that recognizing and compensating their most critical employees is paramount to their success.

Offering employees equity in your startup: Stock options and plans

Why offer employees equity in your startup? Allocating equity to your employees in the form of or stock option plans, generates two key benefits: It encourages your team to form a serious relationship with your startup It creates a monetary … Continued

Profit-sharing plans for startups: Bonus or deferred plans

Profit-sharing plans can be a useful incentive tool to help employees focus their efforts on the long-term success of your startup.

Employee stock options: A compensation strategy for your startup

Stock options plans are common to executive compensation packages, but they can be offered to other employees as well.

Selecting your first board of advisors – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Tony Redpath, Senior Fellow and Cleantech Advisor at MaRS, shares how to structure your board of directors and advisory board for your startup and why it’s such a critical piece for building a successful organization. Find out the difference between … Continued

Meet the Entrepreneurs: Cleantech – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Meet three emerging entrepreneurs who are making big waves in cleantech. Ahmed Badruddin from WatrHub, Michael Helander from OTI Lumionics and Will Rogers from Galt Green Energy with MaRS advisor David Bowden as the panel moderator.

Raising Money Through Equity Crowdfunding: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Carlos Pinto Lobo, Chief Compliance Officer at the SVX, spotlights five key strategies for startups to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

Contract Manufacturing – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

This diverse panel examines difficult strategic and tactical questions for outsourcing to contract manufactures. From estimating the time to market to selecting the right supply chain and facility partners – thinking ahead and finding the right manufacturing model for your … Continued

Negotiations – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Ted Maduri and Andrew Lord, Partners at Davis LLP, offer the foundation to principled negotiation strategy, from understanding the motivations of each stakeholder to defending against tough tactics and using tools to create advantages. Ultimately, to achieve the best possible … Continued

Sales (B2B) – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Mark Elliott, Co-Founder of Venture Accelerator Partners, shares a range of sales tactics and techniques on business-to-business (B2B) sales. At its core, B2B sales is about connecting to organizations who need what you offer at the right time, and building … Continued

Networking for entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Andrew Yoshioka, President of Sanbonki Inc., shares the benefits of networking for entrepreneurs. Learn techniques to build your network and the most effective ways to meet people, tell stories that make a lasting impact, and build meaningful business and social … Continued

Marketing Communications/B2C Sales – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Mark Evans, Principal at ME Consulting, shares advice on how to shape your startup marketing plan using storytelling as the key element. Stories that evolve as your business grows and engage your customers in a meaningful way.

Lived It Lecture with Bruce Croxon – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

In this talk, Bruce Croxon, Managing Partner of Round 13 Capital, shares how he got started as a tech entrepreneur – and finds a link among successful startups: they are built through vision and core values. Bruce asks new founders … Continued

The Impact Economy: The Insider’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work and Attracting Top Talent

There is a growing interest in having careers that allow you to do good and make money. While interest is on the rise, there remains a disconnect between people’s desire to have an impact and their actions to pursue an … Continued

Business plan and other communication tools – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Jane Kearns, Senior Advisor, Cleantech Venture Services at MaRS, emphasizes the importance of writing communication documents for your startup including the business plan. Learn why business plans are a useful process for planning and analysis, as well as for approaching … Continued

Obtaining consent for computer program installations under Canada’s anti-Spam legislation: Three Hot Tips for Startups

Speaker: J. Andrew Sprague, Associate, Information Technology Miller Thomson LLP Description: Under Canada’s anti-spam legislation (referred to in this video as CASL), startups must obtain the applicable consent to install any program on a user’s computer system. J. Andrew Sprague … Continued

Meet the Entrepreneurs: Information and Communication Technology – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

With all of the momentum in the startup ecosystem around financial technology, this panel of entrepreneurs discusses the many challenges they are experiencing and the highly rewarding opportunity in the emerging space in areas ranging from peer-to-peer payments and digital … Continued

Philanthropy for Uncertain Times: Social Innovation and Systemic Change – MaRS Global Leadership

Stephen Huddart, President and CEO of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, talks about current innovations in philanthropy and how social innovation is creating extraordinary opportunities to reshape how we approach complex challenges in Canada. Stephen also references the initiatives the … Continued

Walter Isaacson on urban innovation

Walter Isaacson, CEO of The Aspen Institute and author of The Innovators, talks about urban innovation and the clustering of creative and technology communities in modern cities. He references MaRS as an example of an ecosystem that supports the collaboration … Continued

The Innovators with Walter Isaascon – MaRS Global Leadership

Watch the full length presentation from, and interview of Walter Isaacson, CEO of The Aspen Institute, and acclaimed biographer of his latest book “The Innovators: How a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution.” Hear his perspectives … Continued

Part IV: Audience led Q&A and closing remarks – The Innovators with Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators answers a range of questions, from women in technology, to advanced in development in robotics, and the value of a liberal arts education. Part 4 of 4.

Part III: Creativity in innovation moderated Q&A – The Innovators with Walter Isaascon

Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators discusses with Earl Miller from MaRS about the link between the technical and the creative and how innovation really happens. Part 3 of 4.

Part II: Innovation and the Value of Collaboration – The Innovators with Walter Isaascon

Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators talks about the pioneer innovators of Silicon Valley and the hacker community that developed in the Homebrew Computer Club that attracted electronic and computer programming hobbyists including Steve Wozniak which later let to the … Continued