Housing First Social Impact Bond Feasibility Study

Every year, homelessness affects 200,000 Canadians and costs the economy $7 billion. Homelessness and mental illness often occur concurrently, significantly affecting individuals and communities across Canada. This feasibility study suggests that a Social Impact Bond (SIB) could be used to fund a Housing First (HF) intervention that aims to improve the lives of homeless individuals with mental illness.

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Nathan Monk, Senior Strategist, ICT Venture Services asks some of the tough questions that early stage and aspiring entrepreneurs should ask as they begin the journey. Learn why some startups fail and the methodologies that reduce the risk of failure, … Continued

Different types of entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Allyson Hewitt and Kerri Golden from MaRS, discuss different types of entrepreneurship, different types of business structures and how to approach funding your venture. They speak to the ways in which businesses can combine a social enterprises model engage in … Continued

Employment agreement (sample template): Using employment agreements and job offer letters

When recruiting, you’ll reach the stage when you are ready to make an offer. An offer letter may suffice, or you may require an employment agreement. Startups can download this sample template of an employment agreement.

Pre-employment testing for job candidates

When properly designed and administered, pre-employment testing can systematically and accurately reveal information about a job candidate’s potential.

Lived It Lecture with Alex Kroon – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Alex Kroon, President of MaraCogna, has spent a lifetime leading startups both in telecoms and healthcare. Learn from Alex’s experience managing rapid growth and the simple advice he’s discovered along his journey – focus on the people, mission, and sales.

New hire form: Sample template

When onboarding a new employee, key data must be collected for legal and tax purposes. Startups can use this sample template of a form for use with new hires.

Tips for recruiting and landing top candidates: Selling and closing are key to your success

When recruiting, the difference between landing or losing a top candidate can be the ability to detect and address their acceptance criteria.

Onboarding a new employee: Sample checklist for employee orientation

Properly onboarding a new employee involves many tasks. This sample checklist helps you ensure you cover the essentials.

Using video interviewing and phone screening in the recruitment process

When recruiting, video and phone screening, as well as video interviewing can be effective tools to help you assess the candidates.

Recruiting: Sample interview questions for job candidates

When recruiting, there are some generic questions you can ask. These can help you understand how the candidate approaches work.

Sample reference authorization from job candidates

Securing an authorization to check references from job candidates is important. This sample authorization letter streamlines the process.

Recruitment and selection for startups: Key steps to hire the best candidate

When recruiting at your startup, know the key steps to help ensure you hire the best possible candidate.

Job rejection letter sample for unsuccessful candidates

A job rejection letter informs interviewed but unsuccessful job candidates of your decision. You may wish to customize this sample letter to fit your startup’s needs.

Finding and validating your idea – Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

Where do great business ideas come from? Jon Worren, Entrepreneur in Residence at MaRS, suggests there is a mindset for developing great ideas, and a scientific process for validating business ideas and minimizing risk. Drawing on his own experience as … Continued

Screening job candidates: Video and phone interview questions

These sample video and phone screening interview questions can help your startup assess potential job candidates.

Designing and scoring a job interview with an interview assessment template

Knowing how to design effective interview questions and deliver reliable assessment scores will help ensure a successful interview process.

Talent management: How do I identify “A” players among employees?

While your “A” players or “top talent” are typically those with the best performance ratings, defining top talent should go beyond this single measure.

Social Impact Investment Taskforce Canadian Report Launch: Market Open & Panel

The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, with members of Canada’s National Advisory Board to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce, opened the Toronto Stock Exchange to celebrate the launch of Canada’s report, Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good: Priorities for Canada. The group shared key insights from the report, followed by a panel on the future of Canada’s impact investing marketplace.

Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good: Priorities for Canada

Impact investing in Canada is on the rise, but it will require leadership from governments, foundations, pension funds, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations (NPOs) and others to reach its full potential. This report advances priority recommendations for governments—the federal government in particular—to enable and catalyze impact investment in Canada.

Identifying the right recruiting strategies for your startup

If you decide to recruit externally, it’s prudent to know where to place your job posting to attract the best applicants.

When do I need to hire an employee and who should my first hire be?

It’s hard for startups to know when to make the first hire. Creating a roadmap can help you pinpoint when and where additional expertise is needed.

What are the top online job boards to use for recruiting candidates?

When recruiting, using online job boards can be one of the most cost-effective ways to attract the best candidates.

Recruitment strategies: Using networks to find talent and job candidates

Leveraging your professional network can be an efficient and cost-effective way to source qualified job candidates and compete for key resources.