Using online job boards as recruitment tools

Job boards can be effective recruitment tools. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Understanding my management style for recruiting and building teams

As a leader, you need to identify your management style so you can recruit others who will work well in the environment you create.

Recruiting for sales: Your first hire in a tech startup

Learn how to put together a sales force plan that will sustain your startup over the longer term.

Print advertising in recruitment

While print advertising is no longer considered a stand-alone tool to source candidates, some situations remain where print advertising may be effective.

Job description template: A sample for startups

Startups can use this sample template as a framework for writing a job description.

Sample job description for an administrative assistant

Startups can use this sample job description as an example to follow when creating a job description

How to write a standout job posting

A job posting is an advertisement meant to attract job applicants. It is not the job description.

Keeping and protecting employee records: The Ontario Employment Standards Act

The Ontario Employment Standards Act requires companies to securely store certain employee information. Learn more about what you need to know.

Defining, building and maintaining a corporate culture

Corporate culture is the foundation on which an organization is built.

Recruiting for your startup: Corporate culture, vision statement and core values

Articulating a vision statement and a set of core values helps define your corporate culture and how your startup wants to do business.

Co-operative corporation social ventures

A co-op is a special purpose organization owned by members that use its services. Understand the pros and cons of this legal structure before you commit to a co-operative corporation.

Guerrilla marketing for your startup – MaRS Best Practices

Saul Colt, Head of Magic at Kinetic Café, shows through a series of marketing examples how word-of-mouth momentum and taking risks can be created and harnessed by startups to build powerful yet cost-effective experiences for their customers.

Marketing on a Shoestring: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Saul Colt, Head of Magic, Kinetic Café, highlights tactics for startups to stand out from the crowd and compete against players with larger budgets and more resources.

Going Global Series – China

  Ontario has excellent innovation capabilities in areas such as biotechnology, medical devices and cleantech, and it has witnessed a healthy growth of startups in these sectors in recent years. But the commercialization potential of these startups is hindered by … Continued

Digital Transition: Canadian Media Experiments in 2014, Part 2

In Part 1 of our exploratory series on the Canadian media industry, Digital Transition: Canadian Media Experiments in 2014, we discussed different experiments media organizations are conducting in Canada to adapt to the ever-evolving digital world. To find new business … Continued

Family by Family: Australian social innovation in action – MaRS Global Leadership

In Australia, millions of people suffer everyday from hardships including family breakdown, child abuse, disease and social inequality. Dana Shen, director of The Australian Centre of Social Innovation’s Family by Family social lab, discusses how her organization helps Australian families, … Continued

Doing Business in Silicon Valley: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Heading to Silicon Valley? Aron Solomon, Senior Advisor, Education Technology, MaRS Discovery District, highlights what startups should know before they get there.

Connected World Market Insights Series

The Connected World is a future made possible with data, and is essentially the Internet of Things. The fusion of information and communications technologies (ICT) with energy networks and health systems is taking hold, bringing new functionality, efficiency and productivity … Continued

Canadian Energy Innovation Summit: Summary Report

On February 27 and 28, 2014, the Government of Ontario, in partnership with the MaRS Discovery District, hosted the first ever Canadian Energy Innovation Summit (CEIS). The Summit was convened to advance the Canada- wide dialogue around the future of … Continued

Lessons from the UK: Building the Canadian impact investment market – MaRS Global Leadership

Sir Ronald Cohen (Sector Representative and Chairman, Social Impact Investment Taskforce and Chairman, The Portland Trust) talks about his innovative work in the world of social ventures and impact investing. A central figure in the global growth of social impact … Continued

Tips for Selling into the Education Ecosystem – MaRS Best Practices

This panel of edtech education technology entrepreneurs discusses selling in the education sector. They offer insights into getting your startup known, the differences between the K-12 and higher-education markets, and why edtech is especially challenging for startups. Moderator: John McLeod, … Continued

Selling into the education system: Six Hot Tips for Startups

John McLeod and Mohsen Shahini offer education technology (edtech) startups tips on building a successful product and navigating the complex education market. Speakers: John McLeod, Marketing Executive, Communitech Mohsen Shahini, Chief Academic Officer, Top Hat

The pitch—Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

In the final lecture of the 2013/14 Entrepreneurship 101 course, Peter Evans, Founder and CEO of Speakerfile, explains how to craft and deliver a pitch that covers what investors want to know before they fund your startup. Peter discusses crucial … Continued

360 Panel on Venture Capital Funding – Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

This panel of entrepreneurs and investors explains what VCs and angels want to see from startups at a variety of stages. The speakers suggest resources for crafting your pitch, discuss accelerator programs, and more.