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Meet the Entrepreneurs: Social Innovation – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Learn from innovative leaders in social innovation who have successfully leveraged the Canadian ecosystem and resources to support their growth to achieve success as social entrepreneurs. Panelists: Emily Branton, president of Link2Feed Ryan Porter, CEO and co-founder of Raise Your … Continued

Product development – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Chris Eben, Partner at The Working Group, explains why entrepreneurs need to deepen product management skills and identify the right method to move ideas to reality. Chris shares his team’s agile product development method and demonstrates how its a repeatable, … Continued

Using Digital Badges in Education: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Create effective digital badges to accredit knowledge and skills Learn how to create and use digital badges that are meaningful for both learners and for employers. Speakers: Peter Janzow, Open Badges Lead, Pearson VUE Kathryn Meisner, Director, Hive Toronto at … Continued

Value Proposition – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Joe Wilson, Senior Education Strategist at MaRS, describes how to create the core communication element to your business model, the value proposition. Learn how a good value proposition concisely and accurately reflects the critical choices and decisions about your target … Continued

Customer Discovery and Market Intelligence – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Usha Srinivasan, vice president of learning and insights at MaRS, explains the importance of market research and speaking directly to your customers to understand their needs. Learn where to get started with customer discovery and how to conduct primary and … Continued

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Nathan Monk, Senior Strategist, ICT Venture Services asks some of the tough questions that early stage and aspiring entrepreneurs should ask as they begin the journey. Learn why some startups fail and the methodologies that reduce the risk of failure, … Continued

Different types of entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Allyson Hewitt and Kerri Golden from MaRS, discuss different types of entrepreneurship, different types of business structures and how to approach funding your venture. They speak to the ways in which businesses can combine a social enterprises model engage in … Continued

Lived It Lecture with Alex Kroon – Entrepreneurship 101 2014/15

Alex Kroon, President of MaraCogna, has spent a lifetime leading startups both in telecoms and healthcare. Learn from Alex’s experience managing rapid growth and the simple advice he’s discovered along his journey – focus on the people, mission, and sales.

Finding and validating your idea – Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

Where do great business ideas come from? Jon Worren, Entrepreneur in Residence at MaRS, suggests there is a mindset for developing great ideas, and a scientific process for validating business ideas and minimizing risk. Drawing on his own experience as … Continued

Social Impact Investment Taskforce Canadian Report Launch: Market Open & Panel

The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, with members of Canada’s National Advisory Board to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce, opened the Toronto Stock Exchange to celebrate the launch of Canada’s report, Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good: Priorities for Canada. The group shared key insights from the report, followed by a panel on the future of Canada’s impact investing marketplace.

Guerrilla marketing for your startup – MaRS Best Practices

Saul Colt, Head of Magic at Kinetic Café, shows through a series of marketing examples how word-of-mouth momentum and taking risks can be created and harnessed by startups to build powerful yet cost-effective experiences for their customers.

Marketing on a Shoestring: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Saul Colt, Head of Magic, Kinetic Café, highlights tactics for startups to stand out from the crowd and compete against players with larger budgets and more resources.

Family by Family: Australian social innovation in action – MaRS Global Leadership

In Australia, millions of people suffer everyday from hardships including family breakdown, child abuse, disease and social inequality. Dana Shen, director of The Australian Centre of Social Innovation’s Family by Family social lab, discusses how her organization helps Australian families, … Continued

Doing Business in Silicon Valley: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Heading to Silicon Valley? Aron Solomon, Senior Advisor, Education Technology, MaRS Discovery District, highlights what startups should know before they get there.

Lessons from the UK: Building the Canadian impact investment market – MaRS Global Leadership

Sir Ronald Cohen (Sector Representative and Chairman, Social Impact Investment Taskforce and Chairman, The Portland Trust) talks about his innovative work in the world of social ventures and impact investing. A central figure in the global growth of social impact … Continued

Tips for Selling into the Education Ecosystem – MaRS Best Practices

This panel of edtech education technology entrepreneurs discusses selling in the education sector. They offer insights into getting your startup known, the differences between the K-12 and higher-education markets, and why edtech is especially challenging for startups. Moderator: John McLeod, … Continued

Selling into the education system: Six Hot Tips for Startups

John McLeod and Mohsen Shahini offer education technology (edtech) startups tips on building a successful product and navigating the complex education market. Speakers: John McLeod, Marketing Executive, Communitech Mohsen Shahini, Chief Academic Officer, Top Hat

The pitch—Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

In the final lecture of the 2013/14 Entrepreneurship 101 course, Peter Evans, Founder and CEO of Speakerfile, explains how to craft and deliver a pitch that covers what investors want to know before they fund your startup. Peter discusses crucial … Continued

360 Panel on Venture Capital Funding – Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

This panel of entrepreneurs and investors explains what VCs and angels want to see from startups at a variety of stages. The speakers suggest resources for crafting your pitch, discuss accelerator programs, and more.

Social Labs Revolution: Why putting a man on the moon won’t cure his diabetes – MaRS Global Leadership

What is a Social Lab and how can it help us solve the world’s hardest problems? Zaid Hassan, co-founder of Reos Partners, explains how his vision of the Social Lab addresses the growing complexity of today’s societies by testing, retesting … Continued

Compliance: Canada’s new anti-spam legislation and how it affects your startup – MaRS Best Practices

On July 1, 2014, Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) takes effect, changing the landscape of business communications and activities. Startups must comply with this broad new law or face significant penalties. Karen Durell and J. Andrew Sprague of Miller Thomson LLP … Continued

Complying with Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Taking effect July 1, 2014, Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) regulates a broad range of activities including the sending of commercial electronic messages. It carries stiff penalties for those who do not comply. J. Andrew Sprague of Miller Thomson LLP highlights … Continued

Raising money from venture capitalists – Entrepreneurship 101 2013/14

Shirley Speakerman, partner at Cycle Capital, shares best practices in raising money from venture capitalists and the methodologies investors use to determine valuation and terms in initial rounds of investment.