• Intellectual Property

    Lay down a good legal foundation for your venture from the beginning

    Here is a real story about a friend of mine: He developed a business plan and helped a startup secure a good deal with venture capitalists, but then got kicked out by investors and other founders without any shares in the venture. He couldn’t sue them since he had never signed a shareholder agreement.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Legal Fundamentals : Entrepreneurship 101 2012/13
  • Legal-IP-8-300x200

    Who owns the IP?

    Inventors, academic institutions, employers, contractors…who owns the intellectual property?

  • A guide to what happens if you break up

    The start-up prenup

    Can you name the founders of Apple Computer? I expect almost everyone reading this was able to name Apple’s co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs.  A fair number of you probably were also able to name co-founder Steve Wozniak.  I suspect that only a handful of you know that Apple had a third founder, at least [...]

  • Funding-50-300x200

    Subscription agreement

    Familiarize yourself with all that you’ll need to secure financing, including shareholder and subscription agreements.

  • Legal-IP-15-300x200

    Co-founder agreements

    Founders need to understand the contracts that define their legal relationship to each other and the start-up.

  • Legal-IP-18-300x200

    Engaging consultants and employees

    Founders need to know the difference between hiring consultants and employees, and the obligations involved with both.

  • Legal-IP-20-300x200

    Intellectual property chain of title

    Start-ups must practice due diligence and create a solid chain of title with regard to intellectual property.

  • Legal-IP-23-300x200

    Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

    Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect confidential information that start-ups share with potential stakeholders.

  • Project-32-300x200

    Legal considerations for your product

    Your product will require legal agreements, and there are a number of issues to evaluate when having your lawyer prepare these documents.

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