Talent for Tech: Additional Resources

For more tips on how to find the right talent for your tech startup, check out these helpful resources.

Finding a co-founder

TechCrunch: Finding Your Co-Founders
Stanford Graduate School of Business: Finding a Co-Founder…or Not?
Vincent Vacanti, Co-Founder of Yipit: Guide to Finding a Technical Co-Founder
StartupNorth: How to Hire Me, A Technical Co-Founder
Mashable: 14 Tips for Hiring the Perfect CTO

Building a product

Vicent Vacanti, Co-Founder of Yipit: Should You Hire a Programmer, or DIY?
37signals: How to Hire a Programmer When You’re Not a Programmer
Mashable: How to Hire a Designer or Developer
Business Insider: How to Hire a Great iPhone Developer

Attracting A-Players

Instigator Blog: How to Recruit and Hire Top People for a Startup
StartupDigest: The Key to Startup Hiring
VentureBeat: Startup Advice for Entrepreneurs, from Y Combinator Startup School
TechCrunch: Looking to Hire Top Talent For Your Startup? Here Are Five Things You Should Know
Lance Laking: Building high performance teams for your startup’s success
HR Workbook 2: Compensation

Scaling, and Scaling Fast

INC: How to Attract Talent to You Startup

Bringing more experienced hires on board

INC: How to Build your Management Team
Entrepreneur: Build Your Management Team
Greylock VC: 6 Insider Secrets to Partnering with Executive Recruiters
Eric Ries: Lean Hiring Tips
HR Workbook 1: Building an A-Team


Mashable: How to Retain Your Startup Workforce
UDemy: Attracting, Hiring and Retaining the Best People
Entrepreneur: Seven Ways to Retain Top Employees
Attracting and retaining the right people: Butteriss on human resources


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