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Toronto, ON

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Tuesday, April 30

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Position Overview

NineNed (don’t worry, this is just a codename) is an early stage start-up with plans to shake up the consumer computer market. If you’ve ever acted as the IT department for your family and friends, then you understand our target market, and that it’s not well served. We plan to make their experience with computers easier and safer. We’re in stealth mode, so we can’t say more.

We’re two industry veterans: Daren Hanson and Michael Cincinatus, who have spent our careers building and selling the application and infrastructure software that drives today’s modern cloud-based applications. While we’re both engineers by training, our expertise is in serving customers by having the right product (product management) and the right go-to-market activities (sales, marketing and business development). As a result, we’re seeking a third founder to join our team, and step into the role of Chief Technical Officer.

Initially you’ll will work with us on a proof of concept and ultimately, you’ll build the engineering team and our products/services. You will be an equity partner, and like Daren and Michael, will receive no other compensation until we have raised funds.

Here’s our description of our ideal CTO. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have everything on the What you know list. We care more about Who you are:

Who you are:

  • A seasoned computer science / engineering professional
  • You understand systems design; you know how to implement, and operate. You maintain a critical eye on quality, performance, and serviceability.
  • You are inquisitive, you question, and you learn, constantly. You search for the best answers.
  • You get stuff done; you love to roll up your sleeves and prototype / code.
  • You are a leader who can attract engineering talent and manage a team. You take care and pride in growing as a leader.
  • You are principled; you care about things like trust, accountability and ownership, quality, and service.
  • Culture matters to you. It’s not about foosball or yoga or dogs (well maybe it’s about dogs), rather it’s the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the people that make the difference for you.

What you know:

  • how mission critical systems are built
  • devops, agile methods
  • cloud
  • virtualization
  • SaaS – how to build and operate it
  • Microsoft Windows
  • internet technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, python, etc.

How to Apply

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