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Mechanical Designer


Fibos Inc.




Toronto, ON

Position Level

Entry level

Application Deadline

Friday, July 26

Position Type


Position Overview

Experience: 0-3 Years, Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering
Position ID: FIJD-101


Fibos is developing advanced optical based sensing technologies for application in various industries including Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, and Automotive. In addition to being intrinsically safe, Fibos sensors are ideally suited for measurements in extreme conditions such as ultra-high temperatures, electro-magnetic or ionizing radiation.


A. Purposes and Scope

• Development of new technologies and support existing products as required.

B. Responsibilities

• Product and Process Development
• Technology Development
• Support Existing Projects
• Testing and Documentation


C. Qualifications

• A university degree related to Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering.
• 0-3 Years of experience in a related Engineering role or advanced manufacturing.

D. Skills

• Sound analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Self-motivated, with the ability to work well individually or as part of a team.
• Multitasking is important.
• Open to dynamic work environment with new challenges.
• Excellent verbal and written communication in English.
• Capability and willingness to be hands-on.
• Attention to detail.

Application Instructions

To apply for this position, follow the instructions as outlined below.

E. Documents to Submit

Please email the following items to with the subject line “FIJD-101 Application”.

• Resume (PDF format)
• Supplementary Application Response – see below (PDF format)
• Cover Letter (Optional)
• Portfolio (Optional)

F. Supplementary Application Question

You have been tasked to characterise the tensile mechanical properties of a new type of optical fiber for qualification of a Fibos sensor product. Describe in one page or less how you would obtain the following mechanical properties of this fiber:

• Ultimate tensile strain limit
• Strain hysteresis
• Optical strain sensitivity

Assume that you have a budget of $2,500 and must have initial results within 4 weeks. Your proposed solution is for room temperature measurement only but should consider subsequent testing at elevated temperatures (1000°C). Sketches and diagrams are encouraged, if applicable.

How to Apply