Position Role: Management

Position Level: Executive

Position Type: Full-time

Position Location: Hamilton, ON

Application Deadline: 2018-08-01

Position Overview:

MesoMat Inc. is an early stage start-up focusing on advanced materials development resulting from fundamental research on the physics of self-assembly at McMaster University. MesoMat has developed proprietary plastic fibers and yarns which through special coatings are able to conduct electricity even as they are bent and stretched. These materials have numerous applications but MesoMat’s current primary target is the development of stretchable conductive fibers and yarns for wearables, smart textiles and biomedical sensors embedded in garments.

MesoMat’s technology development team is comprised of highly skilled researchers with advanced degrees in physics/engineering who collectively have over 70 years of experience and 300 scientific publications in materials science. MesoMat has multiple patent applications and the company is backed by a scientific advisory board with members from prestigious institutions in Canada, the US, and France. Our technology is the cumulative result of decades of collaborative research focused on materials science and design between researchers at McMaster University (Canada) and the University of Bordeaux and the ESPCI (France) and other top institutions.

MesoMat is a spin-out company located in Hamilton that is poised for rapid growth. Our unique fibers and yarns solve a major pain point in the wearables and smart textiles market and provide a platform technology to facilitate the interface between people, sensors, and data storage.

MesoMat is seeking an experienced executive to join our team and help lead business operations, financing, business development and strategy.

Compensation is negotiable, however qualified candidates should be prepared to accept equity compensation for a temporary period.

How to Apply:

Applications can be submitted to jobs@mesomat.com.

Specific Instructions for E-mail Applications:

Please attach a CV/resume in pdf form.