Position Role: Development

Position Level: Internship

Position Type: Contract

Position Location: Toronto

Application Deadline: 2018-08-02

Position Overview:

Position Start Date: Sept. 4, 2018
Position End Date: Dec. 21, 2018

This position is offered in part by the MaRS Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Program, which connects post-secondary students with work placements in technology and business.

ThinkData Works helps organizations turn any data into fuel for their business. With the most diverse catalogue of data in the world, ThinkData pulls public data from everywhere. We are an emerging force in enterprise data management and we hold a unique space above our competitors.

Companies of all sizes are only just beginning to tap into the potential of available data. With internal data being made more accessible through the adoption of proper warehousing, and new streams of external data published daily, the world of data management has never been more dynamic and cumbersome – but there has also never been more opportunity.

Our mission at ThinkData Works is to significantly increase the amount of data accessible within an organization. We are creating a standard way to access the disparate world of data and organizations are relying on our platform to power their decision science.

Role Description:

At ThinkData, we don’t want to put you in a box before you get here. We are looking for people who are passionate about programming and who love learning and using new tools and languages. If you are a highly skilled developer, we will capitalize on your strengths.

What’s in it for you?

  • The chance to make an impact. You will be empowered to make decisions and make a difference as a member of the team.
  • Access to new tech. At ThinkData we don’t shy away from bleeding edge tech. We encourage you to experiment, test and push the boundaries through research and development.
  • New builds. You will utilize open source tech to help build new, unique product features, addressing change requests and incorporating user feedback into the product roadmap.
  • A clean slate. We have new ideas to develop and we are open to new concepts. This is a chance to help develop products and APIs on a virtual blank page and introduce your own ideas for future products.
  • A dynamic environment. We are a startup that works with enterprise companies. That means complex challenges that are continuously changing. It’s projects that quickly evolve as we respond to the demands of the environment and innovate to solve problems that might not even exist yet.

Area of Study:

Undergraduate student in Computer Science or Engineering


  • Push us to the next level. You have the desire to gain exposure to data analytics products, you bring some knowledge in Python, Java, Go or Ruby (on and off Rails). You can work across our full stack, pick up new tech easily and build out features for our platform. Familiarity with Docker, RabbitMQ, Angular and React is an asset.
  • Innovate solutions to complex problems. Communication and decisiveness are key as is the ability to weigh the opinions of others. You can confidently make software design decisions.
  • Collaborate. You will be mentored by the team, work autonomously and as a contributing team member.
  • Evolve with us. The landscape is being built under our feet as we move forward, so we need people who can channel their passion, learn quickly and navigate the unknown at top speed.

Technical Skills:

Python, Java, Go or Ruby

The Workplace

We are managing our growth. We continue to promote and nurture the open, collaborative nature of who we are and how we work. And we don’t just support each other in the office. The number of musicians in-house is pretty overwhelming, from big band trumpeters to death metal guitarists. There’s always a co-worker with a gig coming up and we go out to cheer them on.

If being a pioneer in the world of data and solving real-world problems sounds like a future you want to be part of, express your interest here or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more about us.

How to Apply:

Click here to apply. Open link in new window.