Position Role: Marketing

Position Level: Internship

Position Type: Contract

Position Location: Toronto

Application Deadline: 2018-12-21

Position Overview:

This position is offered in part by the MaRS Student Work Placement program, which connects post-secondary students with work placements in technology and business.


Position Start Date: January 1, 2019
Position End Date: April 30, 2019

Trainer+ is a fitness management tool for gyms and trainers that changes how they deliver personal training through technology. The web and mobile platform closes the feedback loop between trainers and their clients around all of the relevant fitness information, creating new ways for fitness support to be delivered both in-person and online. This not only creates new services within fitness, but helps organizations extend their fitness services into new extended healthcare markets.

Students will be working on the Trainer+ Enterprise platform, a version of our software aimed at fitness and healthcare organizations. The work will be focused on further developing the web and mobile platform and corresponding sales/conversion activities needed in customer support.

Project Description:

This position is focused on supporting the Trainer+ Enterprise platform. This is a version of the web and mobile platform that is aimed at fitness organizations and gyms. It consists of multiple mobile apps and a web app, along with exercise content and a website to support.

Role Description:

This position is focused on driving growth on the platform to both individual trainers and gyms. It entails designing, measuring, iterating and scaling marketing experiments through social, paid and channel partners.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Marketing experience
  • Knowledge of social media marketing, Adwords, and store optimization (App and Play)
  • Google business tools, Microsoft Office (Excel specifically)

Area of Study:

Undergraduate or graduate in Business administration or marketing


Running social media campaigns

Technical Skills Required:

  • Google business tools
  • Google analytics, social channel data analysis
  • Experimentation design (Split testing, optimization, etc)

Soft Skills:

  • Clear communicator
  • Self-directed and able to manage others to hit deadlines

How to Apply:

Click here to apply. Open link in new window.