Cleantech & AI

Next-Gen Applications for Energy, Agriculture & Mining


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Can machine intelligence reduce the impact of our growing human footprint? 

Join us on March 8 as we explore how artificial intelligence is breathing life into the way we manage our natural resources — from feeding the world more sustainably to reducing the environmental impacts of mining, energy production and power generation.

This is an opportunity to learn about new research areas and job opportunities with technology startups and industry incumbents that have embraced the transformational potential of big data and AI. For these companies, it’s also an opportunity to convey how AI fits into their future, the challenges they face, and the difficulties of finding the talent they need to succeed.  

Come for a mix of keynotes and sector-specific panels that flesh out:  

  • The needs of each sector and its key players
  • Specific problems that need solving
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning will be (and already are) part of the solution
  • The new career opportunities offered by AI and machine learning


Jodie Wallis

Artificial Intelligence Lead Accenture Canada

Keynote Speaker

Darin Graham

VP of Industry Innovation Vector Institute


Frank Des Rosiers

Assistant Deputy Minister Innovation and Energy Technology – Natural Resources Canada


Ron Dizy

Managing Director Advanced Energy Centre – MaRS Discovery District

Moderator - Energy and AI Panel 

Humera Malik

Founder & CEO Canvass Analytics

Panelist - Energy and AI Panel 

Sina Shahandeh

Director of Data and Analytics ecobee

Panelist - Energy and AI Panel 

Alif Gilani

Head of Engineering Energy Management Division – Siemens Canada

Panelist - Energy and AI Panel 

Julie Morin

IoT Global Black Belt Team Microsoft Canada

Panelist - Agriculture and AI

Kevin Grant

Chief Technology Officer Farmers Edge

Panelist - Agriculture and AI 

Lawrence Clark

Principal North America – Jolimont Global Mining Systems

Moderator - Mining and AI  

Jeff More

President and CEO MineSense

Panelist - Mining and AI

Michelle Ash

Chief Innovation Officer Barrick Gold

Panelist - Mining and AI

Irene Yang

Head of Business Development & Innovation BASF Canada

Roundtable Host – Mining and AI  

Yiran Li

Vice President Peak Power 

Roundtable Host – Energy and AI

Denis Laviolette

CEO Goldspot Discoveries 

Panelist – Mining and AI

Iman Abudagga

Data and Artificial Intelligence Product Lead Microsoft Canada

Panelist – Energy and AI

Valérie Robitaille

Co-founder and CEO XpertSea 

Panelist – Agriculture and AI

Ingrid Fung

Investment Manager Finistere Ventures

Moderator – Agriculture and AI

+ more to be announced!


9:00 am

Opening comments  

9:15 am

Brief introduction by Darin Graham, Vice-President of Industry Innovation at the Vector Institute

Keynote speech from Jodie Wallis, Artificial Intelligence Lead for Accenture Canada — How AI can boost efficiency, productivity and sustainability across resource sectors while driving new research and career opportunities in cleantech

9:45 am

Panel: Energy and AI – “ How is AI/ML influencing the energy sector, what are the hiring challenges, and what problems need to be solved? ” 

Breakout Session: Diving deep with the experts.

11:15 am

Panel: Agriculture and AI – Can AI help feed the world in a more sustainable way and are the skills there to make it happen?

11:30 am

Breakout Session: Diving deep with the experts 

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Panel: Mining and AI – Machine learning can be used to find and extract metals and minerals more efficiently and with less environmental impact, but how will the industry mine for the right talent?  

Breakout Session: Diving deep with the experts 

2:45 pm

Brief comments from Frank De Rosiers, Assistant Deputy Minister of Innovation and Energy Technology, Natural Resources Canada

3:00 pm

Final Panel: Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

3:30 pm

Networking Reception


MaRS Discovery District

MaRS Auditorium 101 College St Toronto, ON 



Young professionals, researchers and students in engineering and computer sciences who want to learn about emerging applications of AI skills and new career opportunities.


Cleantech startups with AI solutions and innovators from large resource-focused companies that see AI applications as a way to make their operations more efficient, sustainable and profitable.