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6 days that will change the way you grow.

Grow Camp is uniquely MaRS

“Grow Camp was a complete paradigm shift for us.” – Paolo Pincente, Co-founder & CEO, Growratio

Over 6 half-day sessions, we’ll challenge the way you grow your company. Through relevant growth marketing case studies, you’ll be making strategic decisions on how you will Attract, Engage and Delight customers, while building the process, identifying the right people and supporting technology stack to grow.

This is an exclusive invitation-only opportunity for the growth marketing decision makers of MaRS high-growth companies and corporate marketing leaders and MaRS partners.

Feb. 15 – March 22, 2019 | Toronto | Autodesk Technology Centre

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What's on?

Day 1 & 2 (Feb 15, Feb 22): ATTRACT
Learn the best foundation and process to attract and build relationships with customers. Example case topics:
• Building Brand Identity
• Growth playbook design
• Establishing KPIs
• PR strategy
• Martech automation

Day 3 & 4 (Mar 1, Mar 8): ENGAGE
Aligning your company to achieving customer success through engagement strategy that scales. Example topics:
• UX and design that scales
• RevOps that scales
• Upsell and nextsell strategy
• Community building

Day 5 & 6 (Mar 15, Mar 22): DELIGHT
Taking your company next-level, by uncovering growth blindspots and growing by delighting customers. Example topics:
• The funnel is dead, enter Flywheel
• Engagement & renewal strategy
• Word-of-Mouth / Virality
• Optimizing for growth

Note: Day 6 is sponsored by HubSpot

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Connect with Canada’s best high-growth technology companies.

“Massive learning for me personally and for my team.”
– Marius R.,Co-founder & CEO, Rattlehub

Grow Camp changes the way technology companies build their sales and marketing organization. We accomplish this through 6 half-days of intensive case-based learning. Speakers and partners get to present a critical growth business challenge or inspire and motivate through our lightening talks each day.

Grow Camp is truly a unique MaRS experience.

Audience Profile
+40 NPS experience for 25+ C-suite sales and marketing leaders from our most promising technology companies. A mix of SaaS web/mobile, and hardware companies attending, representing Enterprise, Cleantech, Finance, and Health sectors at MaRS. They are the best of our best, ready to make significant strategic changes to prepare for high-growth.

Co-creation can include:
• A case challenge preparation and presentation;
• Company brand logo integration on select Grow Camp assets;
• All-access passes for your team’s professional development;
• Create lasting relationships through post-Camp office hours;
• Opportunity to co-produce content for our online learning platform, Contributor Network, and Entrepreneurship Toolkit

Be a part of Grow Camp.

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