Millions of Solutions: The imperative to involve teachers and students in education reform

This paper seeks to concisely outline the reasons for education’s current struggles without losing sight of its considerable successes. It argues that change within education is necessary, but will only be possible and meaningful if the people on the front lines of the system are leveraged. Once they are, it will become clear that there is not one single solution to education’s identity crisis—there are millions of them.

Focus on Health: Meet the entrepreneurs

This panel of successful healthcare entrepreneurs explores wins, losses and lessons learned—from navigating regulatory frameworks to finding customers. | Part 1 of 3 Moderator: Dianne Carmichael, Managing Director, MaRS Health Venture Services Speakers: Sarah Sharpe, Founding Partner, Healthcare Analytics and … Read More

Focus on Health: Key lessons for entrepreneurs

Hear about the experience of building a startup from the ground up. This panel of healthcare entrepreneurs shares their key insights on entrepreneurship, such as learning how to hire a strong team and increasing your ability to learn quickly. | … Read More

Focus on Health: Finding and testing the market

Three Canadian health ventures with global aspirations discuss their strategies to build their companies in Canada and the United States, and the differences and similarities in customer needs in these markets. | Part 3 of 3 Moderator: Dianne Carmichael, Managing … Read More

Succeeding with E-Commerce: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Getting started with e-commerce? Hear tips on positioning your startup online, using analytics to optimize your business model, and more. Axel Kuhn is the principal and co-founder of ePath eCommerce Consulting, and is also an instructor with the eCommerce/eBusiness Management … Read More

Dissecting the Business Model Canvas

Mark Zimmerman, CIO & Senior Advisor, ICT, MaRS Discovery District, explains the startup strategy tool, the business model canvas (BMC). Do you know your product idea is good, but haven’t fully articulated the problem you’re solving or the revenue model? … Read More

Examining Nespresso’s Business Model

Nespresso iteratively developed a sustainable and profitable business model and disrupted the highly commoditized coffee market. Using the business model canvas, Mark Zimmerman, CIO & Senior Advisor, ICT, MaRS Discovery District, walks us through Nespresso’s innovative business model. | Part … Read More

Crafting Your Value Proposition

Joe Wilson, Director of Business Development at Spongelab Interactive, explains the process of developing a value proposition. Hear how a great value proposition is a clear statement that reflects critical decisions about your customer, the problem you’re solving and your product and/or service. |​ Part 1 of 3

Defining the Value in Your Value Proposition

Joe Wilson, Director of Business Development at Spongelab Interactive, discusses the different kinds of value ​your product may deliver to solve customer problems and provide specific benefits—and how these values shape your value proposition. | Part 2 of 3 Chapters: … Read More

Refining Your Value Proposition: Case studies

Using case studies, Joe Wilson, Director of Business Development at Spongelab Interactive, highlights the iterative process in identifying and refining a value proposition. Hear four entrepreneurs describe the importance of a clear and meaningful value proposition and how it helps … Read More

Understanding Different Types of Entrepreneurship

In this E101 lecture, we discuss how the market has shifted away from the separation of charities and for-profits and toward new forms of social ventures and triple bottom-line business models. | Part 1 of 3 Speaker: Allyson Hewitt, Senior … Read More

Exploring Different Business Models and the Sharing Economy

What can emerging entrepreneurs learn from social purpose charities and the sharing economy? How can you become an unconventional player in your industry? We explore how many technology startups no longer rely on a traditional for-profit business model—they aim to … Read More

Forms and Sources of Financing

Entrepreneurs increasingly need to find creative ways to finance a social purpose startup. In this E101 lecture, we demystify the fundraising process. | Part 3 of 3 Speaker: Allyson Hewitt, Senior Fellow, Social Innovation, MaRS Discovery District; Director, SiG@MaRS

Customer service excellence: How startups can deliver more value for customers

Customer service excellence is a key element of customer satisfaction and can help you deliver more value for customers.

The Steps of Customer Discovery

Usha Srinivasan, Vice President, Learning and Insights, MaRS Discovery District, shares key insights on the customer discovery process. Usha highlights why the core, early mission of a startup is to test and learn from customers to solve the right problems, … Read More

Market Intelligence: Asking the right questions

Designing the right questions to ask about your market and your target customers’ needs and behaviours gives you clear, actionable data in order to make informed decisions for your startup. This panel of MaRS industry analysts shares practical tips and … Read More

Game-changers and Industry Trends in the Market

As technological advances accelerate, the more likely it is for breakthrough ideas to take shape and change our daily lives. This panel of MaRS industry analysts highlights four major trends they see transforming the world today: mass customization, consumer empowerment, … Read More

Startups and sales promotions: What to know in your efforts to boost sales

As startups look for ways to boost sales, they may consider a sales promotion. Be aware that certain sales promotions are effective for startups, and some are not.

Strategic planning: How product differentiation strategy depends on market type

Product differentiation is the singling out of the one or more elements of your product that makes it unique and has customer relevance. To succeed, you need to understand the type of market in which you will compete.

Creating a mission statement for your startup: When to do it and what to know

Creating a mission statement is an early task in a startup’s development. To write your initial mission statement, set down the vision of why you are in business.

PR tactics for startups: What you need to know (and when) about public relations

Public relations (PR) is a form of marketing that is accessible to startups. PR tactics for startups can range from press releases to media events.

Product positioning and positioning your startup: Customer validation stage

In the customer validation stage, you need to establish not only your product positioning but also how you are positioning your startup in your market.

Product positioning and positioning your startup: Customer creation stage

In the customer creation stage, it is time to refine your product positioning and how you are positioning your startup in your market.

Entrepreneurial Management: Frameworks and methodologies

Nathan Monk, Senior Strategist, Information & Communications Technology, MaRS Discovery District, uses startup methodologies and frameworks that are seen in many of today’s most successful and disruptive tech companies. Start with being open and learn what’s worked for others. It’s … Read More