Turning Privacy Into a Competitive Advantage: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Brendan Seaton, Founder, Privacy Horizon, delves into what startups need to know about managing personal information. He recommends that entrepreneurs understand their privacy obligations and risks, and prepare for a privacy breach.

Growth Hack Your Way to Startup Traction

Jeff Goldenberg, Head of Growth, Borrowell, shares the essentials to starting your business with a growth-hacking mindset. Jeff discusses practical strategies for startup digital marketing.

PR for Startups: Bringing your story to life

Jason Kinnear, Senior Vice President and National Sector Lead, Tech, Edelman, explores the new dynamic of public relations (PR) in a world of shrinking yet rapidly paced newsrooms, social-friendly content, and influencers. Learn key elements to building an effective PR narrative.

10 Rules of Branding

Nathan Monk, Senior Strategist, ICT, MaRS Discovery District, highlights 10 rules to both identify your brand and market the values of your company.

Meet the Tech Entrepreneurs: Part 1 of 2

Aron Solomon of LegalX leads this informative panel discussion that examines the hardest parts of running a startup, including making payroll and taking on outside capital.

Meet the Tech Entrepreneurs: Part 2 of 2

In this wide-ranging panel discussion, four Canadian tech entrepreneurs share insights on lessons learned. One area they discuss is their experiences with Silicon Valley, and how the region plays a role in their companies operating out of Toronto and Waterloo.

Digital Marketing Strategy: E-Commerce distribution

Tom Walsham, Director of Product, The Working Group (TWG), discusses the different e-commerce marketplaces startups can use to rapidly scale their customer acquisition efforts. He looks at how startups can identify the right channels for their product or service.

Trade Show Marketing 101

David Payne, CEO, Invent Dev, shares his trade show marketing expertise on improving participant engagement with your booth, generating (and pursuing) quality leads and preparing your team for a successful show.

Earned Promotion: Getting attention in a digital world

Paul Barter, Advisor, ICT Venture Services, MaRS Discovery District, shows how startups can turn well-designed experimentation in marketing into customer discovery. Paul highlights the latest trends in earned, paid and owned channels, with an emphasis on earned promotion.

Go To Market Smarter

Murray McCaig (Volunteer Advisor, Cleantech, MaRS Discovery District; Partner, ArcTern Ventures) highlights the need to take a multi-faceted approach in designing a go-to-market strategy, concentrating not only on your product but also on who your customers are, where to find them and how to reach them.

The Art of Pricing: What should you charge?

Kevin Smith from The Story Architect explains the process of identifying and validating a pricing model. His recommendation? Learn how the most popular pricing models work, then design simple tests to structure the right pricing strategy for your company.

Crowdfunding 101

Christopher Charlesworth, CEO and Co-Founder, HiveWire, looks at how crowdfunding is growing exponentially. Hear how your company can successfully set up a campaign to get funded and find market validation through four types of crowdfunding: equity, lending, rewards and donations.

Greg Kiessling: From the tech landscape to social innovation

Greg Kiessling, Co-Founder, Bullfrog Power, talks about his journey from being a successful tech entrepreneur to building one the first social enterprises in Canada and changing the electricity landscape in offering renewable energy choices to consumers.

Greg Kiessling’s Five Secrets for a Successful Startup

Greg Kiessling, Co-Founder, Bullfrog Power, shares his five secrets for building a successful startup. One secret? Good luck plays a key role in being an entrepreneur and discovering opportunities.

Greg Kiessling: Startup tips you won’t find in a textbook

Greg Kiessling, Co-Founder, Bullfrog Power, shares insights and advice based on his own startup experience.

Developing and Manufacturing Medical Devices: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Lahav Gil, CEO and Founder, Kangaroo Group, delivers practical advice for entrepreneurs undertaking the product development, manufacture and commercialization of medical devices.

A Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Harvey Coleman, Volunteer Advisor, MaRS Discovery District, shares key advice on how to strategically and successfully contract manufacture your product.

Manufacturing Your Hardware Product

Miriam Tuerk, Co-founder and CEO, Clear Blue Technologies, discusses the challenge of manufacturing a hardware product while keeping up with the accelerating pace of underlying technologies and radical changes from microprocessors to communications networks.

Seven Lessons from Manufacturing in China

Catherine Choi, Founder, SoYoung Inc., went from no experience with contract manufacturing to learning the ropes the hard way. Catherine provides her top tips for entrepreneurs about to embark on the contract manufacturing process.

A Startup’s Guide to Intellectual Property

Barry Fogarty, Co-Founder, klothed, shares his lessons learned managing the ever-treacherous work of protecting intellectual property while developing a product and company.

Brand Protection in the Social Age

Daniel Cole, Associate, Gowlings, highlights why it is essential to protect your brand though a trademark registration as early as possible, before significantly investing in it.

Fundamentals of IP Management

Grant Tisdall, Partner and Patent Agent, Gowlings, covers how to develop a strategy for patenting your idea—and what is patentable. Learn how trademark registration can be a critical asset for your startup.

MaRS Global Leadership: Culture as Urban Acupuncture

At this Global Leadership event, Tim Jones, CEO Artscape, shares how engaging culture can be a powerful resource in city-building.

Product Development: Getting it right the first time

Sohaib Zahid, CEO and Co-Founder at Vanhawks, launched the Valour smartbike on Kickstarter, joined Y Combinator and then raised money from venture capital and angel investors to build the bike software platform of the future.

Product Creation: Going beyond a spec sheet

Dinesh Kandanchatha, Managing Director, Toronto at Macadamian, discusses the lifecycle of the product development process. He highlights how to go beyond the spec sheet to launch a viable, market-ready product that anticipates customer needs.

Millions of Solutions: The imperative to involve teachers and students in education reform

This paper seeks to concisely outline the reasons for education’s current struggles without losing sight of its considerable successes. It argues that change within education is necessary, but will only be possible and meaningful if the people on the front lines of the system are leveraged. Once they are, it will become clear that there is not one single solution to education’s identity crisis—there are millions of them.

Focus on Health: Meet the entrepreneurs

This panel of successful healthcare entrepreneurs explores wins, losses and lessons learned—from navigating regulatory frameworks to finding customers.

Focus on Health: Key lessons for entrepreneurs

Hear about the experience of building a startup from the ground up. This panel of healthcare entrepreneurs shares their key insights on entrepreneurship, such as learning how to hire a strong team and increasing your ability to learn quickly.

Focus on Health: Finding and testing the market

Three Canadian health ventures with global aspirations discuss their strategies to build their companies in Canada and the United States, and the differences and similarities in customer needs in these markets.

Succeeding with E-Commerce: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Getting started with e-commerce? Hear tips on positioning your startup online, using analytics to optimize your business model, and more. Axel Kuhn is the principal and co-founder of ePath eCommerce Consulting, and is also an instructor with the eCommerce/eBusiness Management program at the University of Toronto.