In Part 1 of our exploratory series on the Canadian media industry, Digital Transition: Canadian Media Experiments in 2014, we discussed different experiments media organizations are conducting in Canada to adapt to the ever-evolving digital world. To find new business models, media organizations are focusing on users needs, exploring new product development methodologies and bringing new skills to their teams.

Part 2 of our series focuses on the innovators. We asked entrepreneurs in the media industry to share their views on the future of media and the future of their companies. Most consider their companies complementary to media organizations and believe that they are capable of solving some of Canadian media’s most pressing challenges. Others are targeting big brands in direct competition with media organizations. Almost all of them develop their initial strategies around growing their user base.

This report presents interviews with 11 Ontario-based startups in the space and investigates startup strategies, business models and plans for changing the future of media.

Digital Transition: Canadian Media Experiments in 2014, Part 2

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