How to Build a Movement

Chakameh Shafii, Co-founder & CEO, TranQool, explains that good leaders need to be able to understand the needs and wants of individual team members and to communicate their vision in ways that are meaningful to different audiences.

From Small Business Owner to Franchise CEO

Kristen Wood, CEO & Creator, THE TEN SPOT, recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs create a “to-do” list and then focus on those individual tasks. Hear how Kristen used the power of the to-do list to help her build her business into a Canada-wide franchise.

What Makes Great Teams?

Kevin Smith of The Story Architect says there are three critical elements that you need to get right to form a great team, including ensuring alignment around values and vision, and having the proper expertise. But the most important element is trust.

How Will You Lead?

Leadership coach Mic Berman advocates that to achieve cultural excellence in your team, you must be a strong, mission-driven leader. She underlines the importance of aligning your product, marketing and engineering, and of creating a system that values your employees and focuses on performance and motivation.

Building a Culture of Innovation: CIBC Live Labs

Daniel Estoesta and Emily Kok work with the digital strategy and innovation team at CIBC. See how using a startup mindset in a large corporate environment can change the culture to be more innovative. Their team strives to deliver rapid iterations and challenge established processes (legal, risk, operations) to improve agility and outcomes.

How to Find and Hire Top Talent

Mandy Gilbert of Creative Niche and RED Academy says you need to understand what you really require in a new role and honestly can offer candidates. She explains that you’re not hiring to fill a job, you’re building a team and a company. Your first hires set the tone for the future.

A New Hiring Paradigm

Michael Fox of Brightlights looks at why using buzzwords like “full-stack developer” doesn’t always yield the most talented candidates. Learn how to reframe your recruiting strategy and adopt a new paradigm of hiring that focuses on solving complex problems, maximizing your startup’s workflow and attracting outstanding people.

Seven Tips to Create an Employer Value Proposition

Whether you’re hiring one employee or 100, you have to be able to answer the question, “why should I work for you?” Daneal Charney, Senior Director of Human Resources, NexJ Systems Inc., shares seven tips to define your employer value proposition (EVP) to help you attract talented ambitious people to join your startup.

Part 3: Meet the Entrepreneurs Social Innovation

Four social innovators share how they lead proactively and focus on results while adapting and learning at each stage of their businesses.

Part 2: Meet the Entrepreneurs Social Innovation

This panel of four entrepreneurs discusses the challenges their startups face on a daily basis while on the leading edge of social innovation in business.

Part 1: Meet the Entrepreneurs Social Innovation

Kevin Taylor of the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing asks this panel of social innovators about their moment of inspiration to become entrepreneurs. They speak about thinking beyond traditional boundaries, leaving stable employment and, most importantly, embracing change.

Transforming Health Market Insights Series

Driven by a more conducive policy environment, enabling technologies, novel business models and more ubiquitous info-structures, the Canadian healthcare system is undergoing transformation. As captured in the infographic below, the transformation of healthcare can be summarized with five major shifts. 1. Reactive care → Proactive and predictive care From reactive care to proactive care Traditionally, … Read More

Forecasting Revenue

Michele Middlemore, Senior Vice President, MNP LLP, shows you how to build a bottom-up financial model. This pre-revenue model will help you calculate the potential revenue for your company by multiplying the number of likely sales for your product and is the preferred model for angel and VC investors.

Building a Solid Financial Model

Dave Conte, Managing Director, Bright BLU Advisors, tells us how to create a financial model that tells your company story, sparks important discussions within your team, and confidently pitches your business to investors, using clear financial assumptions.

A VC’s Perspective on Startup Finances

Aaron Bast, Senior Investment Manager, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, knows startups do not have historic financials. However, he explains that entrepreneurs do have data they can use and can use this to communicate potential startup growth and scaling. Aaron discusses how to get investors excited and aligned by using your financial model as a core communication tool to advance your startup.

Challenges Scaling Outside Canada

Nancy Peterson, Founder & CEO, HomeStars, shares her experience in scaling outside of Canada. The critical strategies every long-lasting company needs to succeed in new markets are common—be ruthlessly focused, keep it simple and have extra funds in case the initial plan doesn’t work (or costs more).

Five Things Skateboarding Taught Me About Startups

Brennan McEachran, CEO & Founder, SoapBox, grew up skateboarding. It’s a sport filled with failure. Brennan relates how he leveraged lessons learned about grit, iteration and risk-taking into his career as an entrepreneur.

Scaling Your Cheer Squad

Marie Chevrier, Founder, Sampler, recommends surrounding yourself with a support network (employees, mentors, customers, investors) ​who believe in your startup idea. Learn tips that Marie learned from building Sampler.

The Fundamentals of Licensing Agreements

Michael Kosic, CEO, XYZ Interactive, highlights deals his company has made with his proprietary technology, GestureSense and BeaconSense. Michael shares his framework of thinking for win/win license agreements as well as building a partner ecosystem with multiple products simultaneously in market.

Creating Value with Partnerships

Brennan Loh, Head of Business Development, Shopify, shares how to start identifying the value of a partnership. Find out how Brennan uses mindfulness in negotiations to ensure your startup continues to accelerate growth and delight customers.

Partnership Strategy 101

Bill Mohri, President, M Consulting, gives you the do’s and don’ts on forming alliances and partnerships. Learn how to navigate partnerships with multinational organizations by starting with a strong strategy.

Part 1: Meet the Entrepreneurs Cleantech

Jane Kearns of MaRS leads this panel discussion that highlights the challenges of starting and running a capital-intensive cleantech company—and how to fund it.

Part 2: Meet the Entrepreneurs Cleantech

In this panel discussion, three cleantech entrepreneurs explore a variety of topics, including timing funding rounds, avoiding disclosing intellectual property during pitches, pursuing grants, finding venture capital, and more.

Part 3: Meet the Entrepreneurs Cleantech

This panel of cleantech entrepreneurs discusses their approach to private investment and building relationships with angels and VCs. They look at good ways to communicate milestone achievements to investors.

Manage Your Sales Funnel

Mark Elliott, Co-Founder, Venture Accelerator Partners Inc., shares his expertise on successfully managing the sales funnel. Mark advocates using CRM (customer relationship management) software to efficiently record, track and leverage data from the sales process.

The Art & Science of Sales: Tips, tricks & tools

Mark Evans, Principal of ME Consulting and the author of Storytelling for Startups, discusses the importance of having clear, customer-oriented sales information. He also highlights some of the tools and techniques he has found useful in his approach to sales.

The Mini-Guide to Social Selling

Tucker Schreiber, Content Marketer, Shopify, looks at the rise of social selling. He explains how building customer relationships through social media is key and that businesses need to play the long game, rather than aim for the hard sell.

Turning Privacy Into a Competitive Advantage: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Brendan Seaton, Founder, Privacy Horizon, delves into what startups need to know about managing personal information. He recommends that entrepreneurs understand their privacy obligations and risks, and prepare for a privacy breach.

Growth Hack Your Way to Startup Traction

Jeff Goldenberg, Head of Growth, Borrowell, shares the essentials to starting your business with a growth-hacking mindset. Jeff discusses practical strategies for startup digital marketing.

PR for Startups: Bringing your story to life

Jason Kinnear, Senior Vice President and National Sector Lead, Tech, Edelman, explores the new dynamic of public relations (PR) in a world of shrinking yet rapidly paced newsrooms, social-friendly content, and influencers. Learn key elements to building an effective PR narrative.