Net Change Week – Ric Young

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"Been There" with Sean O’Dea

Charles Plant, MaRS advisor, interviews Sean O’Dea, one of the men behind Second Cup. From one tiny store to a national coffee retailing powerhouse, listen in as Sean talks about the highs and lows of the caffeine business and how tough times led to the business model innovation that forever changed the way the world … Read More

Social Entrepreneurship: Social Venture Finance

Social entrepreneurs are mobilizing talent and capital from both the public and private sectors to address complex societal challenges. But many promising social ventures fail to achieve their true potential due to limited access to resources. This introductory report to social venture financing will be the first in a series discussing the opportunities and challenges in the social finance ecosystem.


Entrepreneurship 101 2008/09 – Human Capital: Building high performance teams for your start-up’s success

Speaker: Lance Laking Every start-up encounters speed bumps on the highway of growth. It’s the people on your team who will enable your company to power through them. Skills and capabilities must evolve as you grow. You’ll need to navigate advisory and other boards, recruit well and have effective team communication and a CEO who … Read More

Regenerative Medicine: Industry Briefing

This industry briefing gives an overview of the global commercial landscape in regenerative medicine and relative strengths in Ontario.

Neurotechnology: Focus on Aging

This report discusses the opportunities that the neurotechnology industry offers to Canada.