We’ve been talking a lot about data as an intervention for change in the energy system—check out our series on systems change in energy conservation for more insight—but one of the key parts of the system we don’t often address is climate change.

Climate change is a big, hairy problem that requires the shifting of major systems, and in order to create those shifts, we need to be able to use data to make accurate projections and to drive behaviour change.

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario recently hosted a roundtable on the need for better climate data, and raised some pretty pertinent questions during the event.

Data Catalyst was excited to talk about energy data and the Green Button at the Eco Climate Data Roundtable; you can watch a video of the presentation below, or access our slide decks here:

We’ll be looking at climate data more closely in the next few months and would love to hear more about how you think data can act as a lever for systems change in the climate change discussion.