Data Catalyst - InnovationOne of the best ways to help people understand large sets of data is through good visualizations. Infographics, maps, charts and interactive graphs have all been used to make sense of huge sets of data that wouldn’t otherwise be very accessible.

We recently worked with our market intelligence experts to look at eight Ontario startups whose innovative applications are changing the data visualization landscape. From the report:

“Big data can and will impact every nation, industry, company and individual around the globe, whether it’s in terms of understanding our galaxy, optimizing healthcare, selecting an ideal retail location or finding the perfect date. A study by McKinsey Global Institute estimates that big data can add $300 billion worth of value to the US healthcare system and can increase retailers’ operating margins by as much as 60%. There is no doubt that those who collect, analyze and act on their data successfully will gain a competitive advantage in their market.”

The eight startups featured in the report are:

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