As part of the MyHealth initiative, we’ve been working with Bridgeable to explore how design thinking can help us co-create better prototypes in our various test scenarios. Recently, Bridgeable hosted a series of participatory research sessions with mothers from across the city to gather some data and insight into the experiences of new mothers and the health and wellness of their children.

Bridgeable - Designership Workshop

Here’s a quick description of the research sessions from Bridgeable:

Two activities were used to get moms talking about their experiences: In the first, moms were asked to rank a series of health topics related to her and her child’s health. They were then asked to discuss their choices. In the second activity, the team wanted to better understand whom moms are most comfortable sharing personal information with. They were asked to take the top-ranking health issues from activity one and map them to stakeholders who they would most likely to get information from.

Check out this helpful explanation given by Cheryl.

What’s clear is that moms have a lot of information to keep track of — from sleeping patterns to allergies to immunization records — but most don’t write it down or use online tools to help them manage their day-to-day activities.

You can follow along with the MyHealth initiative on the MaRS website, as well as keep up to date with the work Bridgeable is doing by following the hashtag #Designership2015 on Twitter.