Welcome to Studio [Y]

Developing a new generation of leaders

We believe that the world’s most challenging problems cannot be solved in isolation.

We need collaborative, nimble leaders who can navigate change as globalization and technology continue to disrupt our economy.

MaRS Studio Y is helping to create these leaders through an experiential program that promotes creative risk-taking and leading through influence.


Core Values

We believe that:

  • Envisioning possibilities is better than reacting to problems.
  • Leadership is about influence, not control.
  • Creative risk-taking is integral to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Change is necessary for growth.

Our Vision

Addressing today’s complex economic and social challenges requires a new type of leader. Leveraging the MaRS ecosystem, we support young people to become systems leaders — those who are willing to tackle cross-disciplinary issues in new ways. By collaborating across sectors and organizations — often working beyond their individual professional disciplines — they develop innovative, bold solutions that foster both economic and social impact. This is how we are working toward a more prosperous future.