Looking to keep up to date with new jobs, resources and opportunities?

In collaboration with a few other youth-serving organizations across the country, we launched a group that now serves as the go-to spot for young innovators and leaders to find jobs, opportunities and resources. Check it out:

Looking to find your purpose? 

What makes you come alive? What drives you? In what type of environment do you thrive? If you’re having trouble answering these questions, check out the following purpose resources:

Looking to learn online?

Sometimes we just want to brush up on a few new concepts or tools on our own time. These are some of our favourite places to start:

Looking for a Fellowship program in Canada?

Similar to the Studio [Y] Fellowship, the programs below provide opportunities to work on real-world projects, build new skills, and expand your network:

Looking for programs at your school or globally?

We come across a lot of great programs doing amazing work. Here’s where we map them:

Looking for entrepreneurship support?

Launching a business can be tough. These programs and tools can help:

Looking for a space to work?

If you’re looking for a great place to study, to work, or to meet some great folks, check out these spots:

Looking for a good read?

These reads are sure to please the leader / innovator bookworm:

Looking for a paid gig?

You can get paid to do good. These resources can help you make that happen:

What should be added to these lists? Send us an email at and let us know!