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Trulioo is a Canadian-based online identity verification company that enables trust and safety online by powering fraud and compliance systems worldwide.


tealbook is the only online, comprehensive supplier knowledge management platform.


Voleo is an app that provides a new, more convenient, and engaging way to invest — together.


Vuru makes it simple for millennials to invest in great companies.


Validere's portable device uses its core technology and extensive data analytics to instantly authenticate and classify any liquid.


INSTANT Financial is changing the way the world gets paid.


FrontFundr connects investors and entrepreneurs. Using technology, FrontFundr enables entrepreneurs to raise awareness and money from a broad investor community.

Witmart Inc

Witmart/ZBJ connects millions of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing a one-stop-shop for them to grow their businesses. It’s a staffing solution where companies can find specialist freelancers who have the skills they require.


Bank on a better borrowing experience with Lendful, which offers Canadians quick and easy access to loans at interest rates that can save them up to 30 per cent when refinancing.


Mavencare is a tech-enabled home health company dedicated to supporting seniors and their families to promote aging in place.

Merchant Advance Capital

Merchant Advance Capital was one of the first online small business finance companies in Canada when it started to provide funding in 2010.


Lendified is an online marketplace lending platform that gives Canadian small business owners access to capital when they need it.

MPOWER Energy Solutions

MPOWER Energy Solutions believes in clean, reliable energy for Canadians. MPOWER delivers a smart, sustainable energy solution featuring the Tesla Powerwall for Canadian consumers, business and utilities.


Gata provides businesses the ability to sell their services through immersive mobile and web experiences.


Mogo delivers a complete digital finance experience to transform the way savvy Canadian consumers manage their financial health.


Invisor’s mission is to simplify investing and help Canadians reach their financial dreams sooner.


NexusCrowd is the first investment platform in Canada that provides accredited investors with exclusive access to co-invest alongside institutional investors in deals that have reached at least 50% of the funding target.


Brightspark lets individual investors co-invest with them in Canada's best early-stage tech companies.


SnapEDA is changing the way engineers design electronics. Just like piecing together Lego, SnapEDA provides a library of millions of ready-to-use building blocks that accelerate electronics design.

Blutip Power Technologies

Blutip Power Technologies is a leading provider of engine control solutions and data analytics for high horsepower engine applications.


BitGold is a global platform that is advancing the digital payments revolution by helping people securely acquire, store and spend gold with unprecedented simplicity.


nTrust replaces cash, coins and cheques in your everyday lives and allows you to easily move money between people no matter where they are.

Deep Genomics
Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is expanding the universe of life-saving genetic medicines with specialized artificial intelligence and experimental biology.


RentMoola is an online global payment network that allows tenants and owners to pay rent and other payments by credit card, debit card, RM Direct Debit(tm), RM QuickPay(tm) or RM Cash(tm) and earn rewards.


ReUp is making mobile payment a reality for independent businesses.


Biotagenics is developing novel therapeutics through precision targeting of microbiome-host interactions in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It is developing drugs against several proprietary targets identified using its integrated multi-omics database of the intestinal microbiome of IBD patients.

Canopy Health
Canopy Health

Canopy Health Innovations is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing cannabis-based products. The company’s goal is to develop a range of effective formulations and delivery mechanisms that serve patients worldwide.

Dot Health
Dot Health

Dot Health is a digital platform that enables users to champion their own health by givingthem access to their medical records.Users can request records from institutionslike hospitals and primary care clinics, which are then posted in their profile to view and share as they please.

Lucky Iron Fish
Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish is a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to reducing iron deficiency rates around the world using a simple health innovation – an iron fish that can be placed in cook pots to enrich meals.


Resilia makes uresta, a life-changing solution for women suffering from light bladder leakage. uresta is the only reusable, self-managed medical device for female stress urinary incontinence that has been clinically proven to eliminate or significantly reduce leakage.