Viafoura: Bringing comments to life here and in NYC

February 24, 2011

Viafoura: More ways for your audience to interact

Viafoura: More ways for your audience to interact

Ever read a comment on an online discussion board and wish you could debate the author face-to-face? Viafoura‘s got you covered. Do you publish your own content or have an online community, but you’re not sure you’re really engaging your audience? MaRS client, Viafoura, has the tool for you.

And they’ve been showing up all over the place — including our recent trip to New York for OnMedia 2011.

Viafoura is an online user engagement application designed for publishers but brought to life by users. Essentially, Viafoura allows users to engage via text, audio, split-screen video debate and gaming reward systems through their desktop and mobile. For publishers, it’s an amazing tool as they can now increase user engagement, time spent, and page views around their content. More page views (or eyeballs) equals more impressions, which equals more dollars.

Publishers are starting to take notice.  Viafoura recently signed a deal with Don Best Sports in the US. Don Best Sports specializes  in providing fact-based information on scores, statistics, odds and other live information on primarily North American sports contests. Viafoura will facilitate the conversations on the Don Best verticals which will significantly increase user engagement and interaction and ultimately lead to better educated decisions.

Viafoura presents at OnMedia NYC 2011

Viafoura presents at OnMedia NYC 2011

Viafoura is a MaRS client. They’re working with  advisors here to refine their business model, increase awareness of their product and connect with the broader investment community. They were recently part of our delegation of Ontario digital media companies and venture capital investors at OnMedia NYC 2011. (Find out more about this delegation in the press release and blog by fellow delegate Chris Arsenault of iNovia Capital.)

Look for more from this young start-up in the near future.

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