Mod Media Makers, V2: Nine startups achieving the unthinkable

June 27, 2012

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the “secret sauce” that allows a startup to achieve the unthinkable—the combination of key activities that leads to success. A complicated elixir, this combination can contain one or more of the following: team building, business model testing, financing the company and, finally, successfully launching into market.

Today we launch Mod Media Makers Volume 2 showcasing nine startups that are achieving the unthinkable.

They represent a vibrant mix of the social commerce, entertainment, e-commerce and innovation management sectors. They also represent teams who dare to think differently and take risks, entrepreneurs that know how to adapt and aspire to solve big and unexpected problems for both niche markets as well as entire industries.

In three simple words, here’s how these teams defined their startups and the “special sauce” that has helped them on the road to success:

  • CardSwap: extravagant, yet frugal. Visit the CardSwap page.
  • Creative D Inc.: smart, creative, passionate. Visit the Creative D page.
  • Hammerati: experience, execution, humility. Visit the Hammerati page.
  • HitSend: get sh%&t done. Visit the HitSend page.
  • HomSav: creative, innovative, decorative. Visit the HomeSav page.
  • Shopcastr: passion, perseverance, dedication. Visit the Shopcastr page.
  • SocialGift:  innovators, problem solvers, gifters. Visit the SocialGift page.
  • Squag: connectivity, creativity, community. Visit the Squag page.
  • Uniiverse: passionate, positive, people. Visit the Uniiverse page.

We invite you to learn more about these Mod Media Makers by viewing their videos, reviewing their company pages and connecting with them through their social follow links.

Let me know what you think!

Nathan Monk @ MaRS

Nathan is a Sr. Strategist, Customer Development and Mentor within the Info. technology, Communications and Entertainment (ICE) practice here at MaRS. He is a Champion of Customer Development helping startups navigate the forest for the trees and reduce the risk of failure. Follow him @cowboytweets.

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