The quality of our future will be defined by our ability to innovate, to lead change rather than simply respond to it.

At MaRS Discovery District, we are dedicated to driving economic and social prosperity by harnessing the full potential of innovation. Since we first opened in 2005, we have built on a rich legacy to create one of world’s largest innovation hubs, a 1.5-million-square-foot complex located in the heart of Canada’s largest research cluster in downtown Toronto.

MaRS works with an extensive network of private and public sector partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future — startup ventures with broad economic and societal impact.

What we do

  • Equip innovators and organizations alike with the entrepreneurship skills required to compete in the 21st century, using methodologies that transcend traditional learning.
  • Help startup ventures grow and scale to the point at which they have the greatest economic and societal impact.
  • Work with partners to make our work & learning, health and energy systems more receptive to innovative new ideas, products and companies.

Why it matters

We concentrate on the areas of work & learninghealth and energy because we feel that our future will be defined by where we work, how our children learn, our ability to access quality healthcare, and how we power our homes and cities. We also believe that economic and social considerations must be evaluated together in order to drive real change.

As our society is disrupted by increased globalization and technological change, we believe the key to leading this change is entrepreneurship. After all, the innovative products & services that help us shape our future are typically developed by startups — the same companies that also create the majority of new knowledge economy jobs.

By supporting entrepreneurs and their new ventures, adapting their products & services to larger organizations, and working to make systems more receptive to innovation, MaRS performs a key role in generating positive economic and societal impact, helping improve our daily lives and allowing us to compete as a city, province and nation.

MaRS is unique

As an independent registered charity, MaRS is at the intersection of the corporate, small business, government, academic and research sectors. As such, we are able to convene partners from each of these sectors, and foster the collaboration and convergence of ideas that truly drive innovation.

Our independence, coupled with the breadth and depth of our mission to drive economic and social prosperity, make MaRS a unique global asset for Toronto, the province of Ontario and for Canada.

MaRS — because our future matters.