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Business communication tools

In session 9 of Entrepreneurship 101, we provide tips, techniques, tools and examples for building the five essential business communication documents for entrepreneurs:

  • Elevator pitch
  • Executive summary
  • Company presentation
  • Technical white paper
  • Business plan

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Reference material

Business Plan and other Communication Tools - Entrepreneurship 101 (2013/2014)
This lecture presents tips, examples, techniques and tools for building the four essential communication documents for entrepreneurs including: -The Elevator Pitch -Executive Summary -Company Presentation -Business Plan Learn how to create these communication tools and how to use them effectively…
Bottom-up sales forecasting for pre-revenue startups
Forecasting is a term used to describe the process of estimating future sales and revenue. Even before you start having regular sales activities and revenue streams, it is important to understand how to create solid revenue forecasts. When done right, forecasting…
Brainstorming your investor communication tools
An effective way to gather team ideas as you develop your business plan or investor presentation is to hold a one-day workshop. This enables team members to brainstorm together and build the various sections of the plan. Holding this session…
Investor engagement: Executive summary (template)
The executive summary should be two to four pages long. This list from Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check covers the components that should be included in the executive summary: Problem: What pressing and important problem are you solving or what opportunity…
Elevator pitch
The elevator pitch describes your company concisely and in a compelling way. The elevator pitch is the answer you give when you coincidentally meet someone in an elevator and they ask you:  "So, what do you do?” The idea is…

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