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Sales (B2B)

How are you going to sell your product?

In session 13 of Entrepreneurship 101, we explore sales and the principles of “selling value” to your customers. We emphasize the challenges of sales for technology startups. Get tips on:

  • Dealing with stakeholders and distributors
  • Managing risks and problems
  • Making sales calls
  • Successfully closing a sale
  • Following up with potential customers

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B2B Sales - Entrepreneurship 101 (2013/2014)
How are you going to sell your product? Learn the principles of “selling value” to your customers, with a special emphasis on the challenges of sales for technology start-ups. Get tips for dealing with stakeholders and distributors and learn how…
Bottom-up sales forecasting for pre-revenue startups
Forecasting is a term used to describe the process of estimating future sales and revenue. Even before you start having regular sales activities and revenue streams, it is important to understand how to create solid revenue forecasts. When done right, forecasting…
Sales 101: The role of selling in a startup
In business, selling is the culmination of all other company activities. Sales are the ultimate test of the performance of your product development process, your design, your marketing and your leadership. As an entrepreneur, you should be involved in the…
Preparing for a sales call
Once you have booked the sales call, you must prepare for the sales call. Preparation involves five steps: 1. Prepare the stakeholder management chart The stakeholder management chart is a table that helps you organize key stakeholder information. It enables…
Sales forecasting for startups
Introduction As soon as your startup begins regular sales activities, it is important to create periodic sales forecasts. A sales forecast is a projection of what your sales revenue will be for a specific period in the future—e.g., the next…

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