Welcome to Data Catalyst

Data Catalyst believes that seamless access to high-value data and insights can make the world a better place to live, work, and learn.

We’re working to solve complex and important problems by acting as a trusted and neutral third party that connects people and data.

Tracking the innovation economy

Data Catalyst - InnovationBy tracking Ontario companies, investors, talent and markets over time, sector and location, we help companies to scale and the ecosystem to grow. Learn more about our work in innovation.

Accelerating innovation in energy

Data Catalyst - EnergyBy removing barriers and creating systems for consumers to access and share data, we create a new marketplace for innovative energy management solutions. Learn more about our work in energy.

Accelerating innovation in healthcare

Data Catalyst - HealthBy creating opportunities for citizens to access their healthcare record data, we enable the creation of innovative community and digital health services.

By creating commercialization strategies for health system data holders, we expand the research and solutions market and transform healthcare delivery. Learn more about our work in healthcare.

Using open data to spur innovation

Data Catalyst - OpenBy advising government on how to unlock high-value data sets, we create an environment where companies can build new products and services on top of open data. Learn more about our work in open data.

MaRS Data Catalyst is proud to be a supporter of the Canadian Open Data Summit.

The Canadian Open Data Summit is the annual event where the most pressing challenges facing the open data community are addressed on a national scale. Join us to share best practices and local experiences, to learn from top international experts, and to work on growing the community strategically and collaboratively.

Canadian Open Data Summit