Aaron led the Community Energy Program at the Advanced Energy Centre, which examines systemic barriers to deployment of innovative technologies within local energy systems, and convenes industry to accelerate the deployment of microgrid solutions in Canada. He launched initiatives focused on renewable energy deployment in Canada’s remote communities, net-zero redevelopment projects in urban areas, and microgrid applications within Ontario’s distribution network.

He also worked with emerging technology companies within the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs to launch new partnerships in Canada and globally with support from Capgemini, Siemens Canada, Hydro Ottawa, and Ontario Power Generation.

In April 2016, Aaron launched a new Advanced Energy Centre program focused on accelerating building energy efficiency retrofit projects in Canada, in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Energy, and other partners of the Centre.

Previously, Aaron worked in government and private sector roles managing the development of large Canadian infrastructure projects, including project budgeting, managing construction operations, and coordinating diverse stakeholders.

Aaron holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto with a specialization in sustainable energy technology. He can often be found nordic skiing with friends and family, running marathons, and exploring rural Canada.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/aaron-barter/33/222/a35

Twitter: @aaron_jbar