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We help tech and science founders build their companies and create global impact. We bring decades of know-how and proven tools to drive venture growth. At every stage of your startup journey, our seasoned entrepreneurs are there to support you.

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On-demand services

Our intensive capital, talent and revenue growth programs, world-class market research and brand-boosting PR support help your company reach its next milestone.

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Hands-on support

Our experienced advisors roll up their sleeves to guide you through your toughest business challenges with personalized support and tailored resources.

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Access to curated communities

You’re not alone. A community of like-minded entrepreneurs and access to 1:1 and group learning opportunities fill knowledge gaps on your team, inspire transformative change and help accelerate growth.



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Nanoleaf creates the world’s most energy efficient lightbulb.

“MaRS recognizes that companies need different resources at different stages of growth. They helped us find an advisor for our suitable stage — landing us a government grant at close to $3 million.”

Gimmy Chu, Co-Founder and CEO
Member of MaRS Momentum

Cyberworks Robotics develops the next generation of autonomous vehicle technology

“MaRS helped us grow and scale by putting us in an ecosystem with a mentality around rapid growth and rapid innovation.”

Myra Arshad, Co-Founder and CEO
Member of MaRS Growth Acceleration Program

ALT TEX creates a biodegradable and carbon neutral alternative to polyester

“One of the biggest challenges is convincing global early adopters that your technology is better than larger competitors. Our amazing mentors have helped us accelerate this progress now working with leading global brands.”

Vivek Burhanpurkar, Co-Founder and CEO
Member of MaRS Growth Acceleration Program