Position scope and responsibilities
  • Develop and execute product development and engineering roadmap and strategy to ensure the production of products that meet the application requirements and timeline of the company’s product roll out map.
  • Lead and manage the engineering team to carry out the necessary design and engineering tasks and processes to create the products that meet the performance specifications and industrial standards
  • Collaborate with the team of business development to determine and establish product specifications that include physical and performance specs as well as packaging, installation and service methods and procedures; ensure market insights are incorporated into the product design.
  • Develop the manufacturing methods and processes and establish production/supply capabilities for all parts and components; establish assembly, testing and quality control standards and procedures.
  • Determine product cost structure, establish and execute a plan for fast cost reduction through product design and engineering, manufacturing practice and scale of production.
  • Optimize e-Zn’s energy storage technology by constantly improving all aspects of the technology and applying best-in-class engineering principles and methods.
  • Provide timely updates to company’s leadership and implement swiftly new strategies, initiatives and measures requested by the leadership.
  • Minimum undergraduate degree in the field of engineering plus 10+ years of work experience in product development, engineering or manufacturing
  • Solid experience and track record in leading a technical team to accomplish engineering objectives
  • Expertise in product development and engineering and solid understanding and experience in all associated aspects including product scoping, design, prototyping, tooling, specifications, manufacturing, budgeting, etc.
  • Wide range of interest and knowledge base in multiple engineering disciplines; ability to fast grasp and develop the knowledge and know-how required for the development of engineering solutions
  • High degree of general business knowledge and understanding that are required to effectively respond to the business priorities and issues
  • Experience working with multiple stakeholders and colleagues in a fast-paced business environment, internally and externally
  • Superior project management and organizational skills
  • Proficient capabilities across a suite of design and engineering software platforms
  • Must be legally eligible to work in Canada