Net Zero is a Collaborative Challenge

In 2021 the Canadian government passed a law that by 2050, all Canadian companies would have to be net-zero.hat they didn’t include in the legislation, however, was specific guidance about HOW to get there.

And that’s exactly why MaRS Discovery District created our Decarbonize simulation to support exploration of businesses’ diverse team insights, their unique energy markets and create a game which generates internal stakeholder buy-in for furthering net zero collaboration.

Many companies have low traction onwhere to start, what is required to get there, or how it will be measured. Depending on where your company is on its specific supply chain, net-zero will look different at every stage.

Net Zero is a Collaborative Challenge

What is Decarbonize?

Decarbonize is an experiential learning simulation that allows teams and stakeholders to develop and test decades worth of long-term sustainable strategies over the course of a few short hours.

Participants are challenged to collaborate with customers, external stakeholders and clean energy and technology suppliers with one shared goal: developing affordable and reliable clean energy solutions — setting a course for a net-zero future. Participants come out of the simulation with clarity in regards to what needs to happen for net zero, confidence in how they need to go about it, and contacts that they can rely on.

What is Decarbonize?

Decarbonize in action

Decarbonize made its debut in 2019 and was even hosted at the Canadian Pavilion at COP27 in Egypt. To date, MaRS has helped more than 50 organizations across Canada and around the world develop pathways to net-zero through experiential learning.

"Things move really fast in this game. Now in this time of rapid industry transformation, it's more important than ever to engage in activities like this with colleagues and other stakeholders to discover creative ways to embrace the changes rather than resist them."

– California ISO participant (2019)

"Brought home real world industry issues that we are knowledgeable about but don't take time to think about, nor put into practice."

– Crown energy corporation participant (2020)

"Everything is permitted that is not forbidden. The simulation encouraged us to think creatively about the problems we are trying to solve and how we can capture new lines of business and new customers."

– Ontario utility participant (2022)

“It was a fun – and ‘realistic’ – way to learn about the challenges utilities, their customers and communities and governments face in decarbonizing our energy system.”

– Climate Finance participant (2023)

The Decarbonize experience

MaRS tailors Decarbonize to reflect the regions and sectors your organization works in. Decarbonize can host anywhere from 11-21 participants per session, which can be run in parallel for larger groups.

Step 1: Navigate net-zero trends (30 min)
Invite teammates, clients and strategic partners to bring varied perspectives to the table. Explore net-zero trends and technologies, assign distinct roles and set disparate goals.

Step 2: Simulation gameplay (2 hr)
Test the possibilities of net-zero strategies, making calculated, yet urgent negotiations to achieve success for both business and customers. Balance affordability, reliability and sustainability.

Step 3: Decarbonize debrief (30 min)
Identify and translate learnings from the various perspectives in the room. Turn these firsthand insights into actionable business strategies!

The Decarbonize experience

The MaRS Advantage

Our network of cleantech experts and industry advisors have facilitated net-zero strategy simulations for more than 1,000 senior leaders across dozens of global companies. Ready to put your net-zero simulation to the test? Reach out!

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