Entrepreneurship 101

Make your own path.

Our 5-week course offers a mix of materials for every style of learning, weekly mentorship from expert practitioners and the tools you need to create your startup all in one place.

It’s designed for emerging business leaders and innovators that want a masterclass in entrepreneurship.

Next cohort starts on November 12, 2018.

November 12 – December 16

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What you'll get

• Over 30 video lessons from Canada’s top entrepreneurs

• 1 project a week, for 5 weeks, and you can take as long as you want to finish the course

• 5 hours of learning a week, fit around your schedule

• Weekly live discussions

• Access to the MaRS E101 community on Slack

• Continued help post-course

Week one
Start to define your startup idea. Craft your product problem statement and startup vision statement.

Week two
Develop your value proposition. Start to identify your customer and test your minimum viable product.

Week three
Understand your target customer and the size of your market. Start to build out your brand.

Week four
Learn the fundamentals of financial planning for your startup. Understand the different grants and funding programs out there for your startup.

Week five
Delve into the legal foundations you will need to know to start your company.

What you'll learn

• Develop your startup idea, product vision and value proposition

• Create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your product or service

• Learn and work with proven methods for startup formation

• Develop the financial model for your product

• Work efficiently on testing and validating your product with future customers

You’ll make real progress in 5 weeks.
Our course is practical, unlike other programs we focus on tactics that (if done right) will accelerate the growth of your company. We carefully curated a mix of no bullshit perspectives – you’re not learning business, you’re learning to build a startup with proven methods.

We’re here to support you.
Weekly live sessions and access to our online Slack community of entrepreneurs from around the world, learning to create companies together. While you can learn at your own pace, we’ll be here at MaRS to guide you each week.

The world around us is changing fast.
This isn’t your average course on entrepreneurship. We connected experts with deep experience from many fields – across sectors and specializations. We’ll help you see the patterns and opportunities where others see chaos.

Let’s advance the world together.
MaRS has accelerated the growth of thousands of young companies since we got started in 2005 whose technologies and solutions meaningfully improve lives everyday. Potential unlimited.

“Beyond just the dream there are millions of customers out there. Do you have a customer? Have you found one? If you found one, have you found 10? If you can prove those little milestones, that’s how you’re going to create traction and raise a round.”

Michael Katchen, Co-founder, Wealthsimple
E101 Contributor

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