MaRS announces partnership with Toronto East General Hospital

TORONTO, June 10, 2015 – MaRS Discovery District and Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH), a leading community teaching hospital, today announced a new partnership aimed at creating a more sustainable and innovative healthcare system.

“We’re thrilled to partner with TEGH to help advance their innovation agenda,” said Dr. Zayna Khayat, lead of MaRS Health. “The future of health will see a radical reconceptualization of the role and business model of the community hospital, something that can only be achieved through innovation. TEGH has shown great leadership in building in-house innovation capacity and making this a focus area for senior management and the 3,000 innovators who work for TEGH every day.”

Achieving a sustainable healthcare system requires innovation at multiple scales and levels of care. As part of the collaboration, staff and patients of TEGH will participate in MaRS programs and initiatives to improve healthcare delivery, hospital performance and patient outcomes. By working with TEGH, a large hospital with a broad community user base, MaRS will extend the reach and impact of its innovation programs, offerings and ventures.

“We’re excited about working with MaRS,” said Mari Iromoto, Director, Improvement & Innovation Office, Toronto East General Hospital. “Sharing resources and knowledge is crucial to the innovative process. Ultimately, our collaborative efforts will help to improve the care we deliver to patients and I’m confident this partnership will help usher in a new era of innovation at TEGH and allow us to continue setting a new standard.”

The collaboration has the following goals:
a) To support and advance the health innovation mission of each party by advancing the development, use and wide-scale adoption of new products, services, processes and policies in key TEGH systems and activities;
b) To improve patient outcomes and health system performance in Ontario, Canada and globally; and
c) To improve the capacity for innovation within TEGH on a day-to-day basis.

About MaRS Discovery District
MaRS Discovery District (@MaRSDD) in Toronto is one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. MaRS cultivates high-impact ventures and equips innovators to drive economic and societal prosperity. MaRS provides expert advice and market research, and makes connections to talent, customers and capital. MaRS startup clients have created 6,500 jobs and, in the last three years alone, they have raised $1 billion in capital and generated $500 million in revenue. MaRS Health supports over 250 Ontario-grown health technology startups with connections to capital and help navigating the regulatory and procurement systems in Canada and abroad.

About Toronto East General Hospital @EastGeneral
Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) is a full-service community teaching hospital that has proudly provided high quality health care to the residents of East Toronto for over 86 years. TEGH serves a diverse, multi-cultural community of over half a million people. Since becoming the first Canadian hospital to receive the Order of Excellence in 2010, our journey to build and sustain a culture of excellence focusing on quality, wellness, innovation and continuous improvement has progressed.

For more information, contact:
Lara Torvi
MaRS Discovery District

Sharon Navarro
Toronto East General Hospital