MaRS cleantech clients win at CleanTech North 2011

Toronto, November 16, 2011 – MaRS announces that four of its cleantech clients won awards at the CleanTech North 2011 summit, an annual event showcasing Canada’s growing strength in clean technology. Ontario innovation was a highlight at the event, with many of the province’s companies in the cleantech sector working successfully to turn their ideas into jobs and contribute to a sustainable future.

The following four MaRS clients were honoured:

  • Morgan Solar – CTN 2011 Company of the Year – Morgan Solar has brought concentrated solar PV into the 21st century. The company has developed a next-generation, Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) solar generation system—the Sun Simba—that significantly reduces the price of solar energy. It’s the first solar energy solution with a clear path to grid-parity costs across global utility-scale markets.
  • Innovative Processing Technologies (IPT) Inc. – CTN 2011 Innovation Company -IPT Inc. (rebranding to Smarter Alloys) is actively commercializing its Multiple Memory Material (MMM) technology, which gives greater functionality to shape memory alloys (SMAs). SMAs are widely used in numerous industries, including clean energy solutions. For example, they are used to harvest wasted heat, so it can be converted into mechanical energy, which in turn generates electricity. With significant worldwide losses of energy in the form of heat, it is expected that quintillions of joules could be recovered, slashing fossil fuel consumption. Company CTO and President Ibraheem Khan has also been awarded the Dr. Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship by the Ontario Centres of Excellence.
  • REGEN  Energy Inc. – CTN 2011 Award – REGEN Energy is the supplier of a unique, patented smart grid technology platform called EnviroGrid ™, which helps commercial and industrial customers substantially reduce the peak electrical demand of their buildings while maintaining comfort for building occupants. Each EnviroGrid controller makes intelligent and independent decisions every few minutes. The company has key strategic investors, including MaRS’ Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), NGEN Partners of California and BDC Ventures (Business Development Bank of Canada).
  • Real Tech Inc. – CTN 2011 Award – Real Tech Inc. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of analytical monitoring instrumentation for the water and wastewater industry. Their products use innovative technologies to provide practical, accurate and affordable water quality solutions that allow for the rapid, real-time detection of many common and emerging contaminants. With sales in more than 30 countries, Real Tech has many high profile customers, including major municipalities, government agencies, engineering consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies and major corporations within various industries, such as food and beverage. In 2011, Real Tech received the prestigious Deloitte Technology Green 15 award for the third consecutive year, recognizing Real Tech as one of Canada’s leading green technology companies.

About CleanTech North

CleanTech North is a consortium of top-tier service providers from a broad range of focus areas who come together to provide emerging and high-potential cleantech companies with the mentorship and support they require to enter – and succeed – in the global marketplace.

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