MaRS client NEVEX Virtual Technologies unveils CacheWorks software to uniquely solve I/O bottlenecks for Windows Server, VMware, Hyper-V

Toronto, October 26, 2011—NEVEX Virtual Technologies, a Toronto-based developer of application optimized caching solutions, has announced its flagship product, NEVEX CacheWorks 1.0, an innovative approach to Flash caching that solves the storage I/O bottleneck while enabling better utilization of existing storage infrastructures.

The latest groundbreaking technology accelerates the performance of critical business applications running on physical servers and VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.

It is the first focused server-level caching software solution available, providing application performance gains beyond competitive products. CacheWorks is a file-based cache integrated with the Windows Server operating system, providing industry unique control over the Windows memory cache to create a multilevel caching solution that can allow applications to exceed the performance of running fully on Flash.

“NEVEX is turning the traditional caching approach on its head, by moving from a reactive mode to a proactive determination of what gets the benefits of caching,” says Mark Peters, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Being both Flash agnostic and file focused, NEVEX empowers administrators to decide precisely what data is most critical to their organization and then to surgically deliver I/O acceleration – improving performance and reducing latency – where it is needed and most valuable.”

“As an emerging science and technology incubator, we see a lot of start-ups come through MaRS. NEVEX stands out because they have all the right pieces in place: technology know-how, market smarts and a solid team,” says Mark Zimmerman, MaRS emerging technologies adviser. “MaRS conducted a beta test in our lab and saw 3X speed improvement with NEVEX CacheWorks. We were very impressed by the results and support their efforts 100 per cent.”

Founded in 2009, NEVEX Virtual Technologies provides a groundbreaking caching software solution that guarantees storage performance for the applications that really need it. NEVEX CacheWorks empowers administrators by providing flexible control for application-specific data acceleration. I/O-bound applications – such as databases, business intelligence, mail servers, and transactional web servers on VMware, Hyper-V, or Windows physical servers – are able to run up to 5X faster because they are not constrained by limited storage speeds. Organizations can now use CacheWorks for performance and optimize existing spindles for capacity, snapshots/backup and management. For more information on CacheWorks, visit To keep up with the latest news at NEVEX, follow us on Twitter. For sales and channel inquiries, contact us at and respectively.

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