MaRS client Segasist Technologies set to launch its image contouring software at Florida oncology conference

Toronto, September 5, 2011 – MaRS Incubator tenant Segasist Technologies announced today the launch of its ground-breaking auto-contouring software, Reconcillio™. Segasist develops next-generation image contouring platforms for biomedical applications.

Reconcillio determines the exact boundaries of cancerous tumours and also checks their consistency. Unlike other contouring software, Reconcillio automatically generates consensus contours for any medical image—without requiring multiple clinicians to delineate the same image.

“Contouring consists of delineating tumours or organs in any medical image,” explains Dr. Hamid Tizhoosh, CEO of Segasist Technologies. “Different doctors simply contour differently. Even the same doctor may contour the same image differently, if observed for a second time. This is a real problem that hinders quality control.” Experts may agree on only 50% of the total delineated target volume, or even less.

“Building consensus is pivotal for reducing the variability,” says Tizhoosh. “Reconcillio, for the first time, enables us to do this for a given expert without depending on explicit contouring by their colleagues. Reconcillio can also help decrease intra-observer variability by verifying the consistency of the same user using the information of previous cases contoured by that user.”

Segasist has been working with MaRS Advisory Services for nearly two years. Advisors have assisted the company’s team with business planning, networking and funding programs, as well as with coaching their pitch, including a presentation at the MaRS Angel Event program.

“Segasist has made great strides in moving their technology forward and we’re happy that we’ve been a part of that,” says John Buckingham, Advisor, Life Sciences and Health Care Practice, at MaRS Discovery District. “They have taken advantage of a number of the services MaRS has to offer. Hamid Tizhoosh was one of the first members of the life science peer-to-peer CEO forums here at MaRS.”

Segasist Technologies will release the first version of Reconcillio at the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s (ASTRO) 2011 meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, October 2-4. This initial release is intended for research and training.

Visit Segasist at ASTRO 2011, Hall D, Booth #617.

About Segasist Technologies
Segasist Technologies is a privately held medical device company developing contouring/segmentation solutions for medical image analysis. The Segasist technology, developed at the University of Waterloo, Canada, by a small team of specialized scientists and software engineers, is based on a set of unique and proprietary algorithms for modality-independent lesion/organ contouring. Products are currently in development for prostate MRI, prostate CT, lung CT and prostate ultrasound. Segasist is a flexible solution that can also be applied to other modalities and lesion/organ types.

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