In business, sometimes creativity, innovation, motivation and even decent profits could use a little help. But finding the right help can often be confusing and frustrating.

The Ontario Business Program Guide aims to simplify this process for Ontario entrepreneurs and business owners and reduce time spent on online searches. It provides information about government support programs and services in one location: Now, with just a few clicks, get access to this free, online directory of Ontario government tax incentives, credits and support programs for business.

Business owners may not always be aware of the many government programs and services available to them. The Ontario Business Program Guide changes that by providing information on about 60 programs and services from the Ontario government and provides information on resources from government across 11 ministries.

So, regardless of what stage you’re at — starting-up, an established entrepreneur or larger business wanting to know what’s new in government business support programs, incentives and tax credits in Ontario — the Guide is your one-stop resource.

Claude Soulodre

Claude is responsible for managing the development of online educational multimedia resources for Ontario based entrepreneurs. He is a Project Management Professional who has spent years helping companies design and implement web based multimedia content. See more…