With the current awareness around community involvement and volunteering, especially since this week is Volunteer Week, many businesses are interested in contributing to their local community through a group volunteer experience. They look to volunteerism as an alternative to the traditional team-building exercise or charitable gift donation, where a meaningful volunteer experience helps improve motivation and teamwork skills among employees. But an employee-supported volunteer program can also help increase corporate visibility and highlight a corporate commitment to social responsibility in the community.

Volunteer Toronto has established the Employee Supported Volunteer Program (ESVP) to help bridge these business interests with the needs of non-profit agencies.

Volunteer Toronto receives a wide range of requests, from companies new to corporate volunteering, to those with specific interests and activities in mind. As a first step, companies can ask their employees what types of activities and causes they are interested in and what time of the year they can participate. Our website, volunteertoronto.ca is a great resource to search volunteer opportunities in the Toronto area. For groups of 20 or more, Volunteer Toronto can assist with planning event activities and logistics with non-profit agencies. A three-month lead time is an ideal timeframe to help plan and execute a successful volunteer experience.

For ideas on how to get involved, visit the Volunteer Toronto blog to view pictures of previous corporate volunteer events.

Deborah Gardner

Deborah Gardner is the Executive Director at Volunteer Toronto, a not-for-profit agency dedicated to helping people find great places to volunteer. Volunteer Toronto also provides support and services to the non-profit community to help enhance the volunteer experience. See more…