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Helping grads find jobs: fanfare

Remember how exciting (and difficult) it was to find a job upon graduation? Well, MaRS and Ryerson DMZ client, fanfare, has launched a job site dedicated to helping recent graduates secure employment by connecting employers with the students they need to hire.

fanfare is an employment network  integrating with post-secondary schools across Canada to provide employers with centralized access to recruit talented students.

fanfare was developed in the Ryerson Digital Media Zone by Christopher Alleyne, Latham French and Trevor Subryan.  These three talented entrepreneurs noticed that highly employable students across the country were falling through the cracks of current employment and institutional recruiting systems. fanfare has since secured some reputable employers and the support of schools as it continues to gain traction in a very competitive field.

The fanfare facebook fan page has already garnered close to 1000 fans in the roughly three weeks since launch. By plugging into facebook, fanfare hopes to reach students where they are spending a lot of time. It’s an excellent venue to showcase key employers looking for students to fill the gap.

fanfare is a MaRS client. We help young Canadian start-ups like fanfare connect to the resources they need to thrive as a business. For more information on how we can help, visit the “Starting A Business?” section on the newly redesigned

Nathan Monk

Nathan is the Director, Growth Programming at MaRS. He helps our high-growth ventures grow by connecting them to the latest technology tools, resources and methodologies to scale in today’s competitive environment. Follow him @cowboytweets. See more…