Best-selling author Eric Weiner will make a rare stop at MaRS on Feb. 2 to explore the geography of genius as part of the new MaRS Global Leaders series.

Does your city have what it takes to help you reach greatness? Best-selling author Eric Weiner’s new book, The Geography of Genius, explores how “creative genius” is tied to place and time—not just genetics.

Ideas and inventions by thinkers like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Socrates didn’t happen in isolation; they were profoundly affected by the place and time in which their creators lived.

From ancient Athens to today’s Silicon Valley, Weiner examines “genius clusters”—cities that have produced breakthroughs that have changed our worlds.

If cities are the engines of innovation, does Toronto have what it takes?

On February 2, Weiner will make a rare stop at MaRS as part of the MaRS Global Leaders series to explore just that.

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The MaRS Global Leaders series is designed to inspire, educate and engage Toronto’s top leaders and thinkers by featuring globally recognized entrepreneurs, authors and decision-makers.

Tickets: $49.95 + HST – includes your copy of The Geography of Genius

Date: February 2, 2016
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: MaRS Centre (Auditorium), 101 College Street, Toronto


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