At a time when the Ebola crisis has become a mainstay of public discourse on global health, the challenges we face in managing communicable and non-communicable diseases around the world must be re-examined.

This week, the Global Health Summit: Creating a Pandemic of Health was held at MaRS from November 3-5, 2014. The conference explored how equitable creation and spread of health, not just the more traditional focus on the fight against disease and avoidable causes of death, must be the main purpose of public health. Sessions were held on five sub-themes:

  1. Preventing the Preventable, Treating the Treatable, Transcending the Inevitable: What is the Gold Standard for Health Systems?
  2. Urbanism, Health, and the Growth of Megacities: When is more, more?
  3. Politics, Privilege and Power: What Really Determines Global Health Inequities?
  4. Achieving Convergence: What Kind of Life should Future Generations Experience?
  5. Global Big Data: How can Big Data Accelerate Global Health Progress?

If you missed the conference, catch some of the highlights in this Storify recap of the Summit.

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Jelena Djurkic

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