At last week’s Entrepreneurship 101 lecture, attendees heard David Campbell’s fascinating stories about his business exploits. One message came through loud and clear: we need to re-invent our business every Monday morning! Now, a first-time entrepreneur’s barely got a business, let alone one to re-invent. I take Mr. Campbell’s message as advice to stay close to the marketplace and evolve your business accordingly – good advice to those of us who are enamoured with our technology and lose sight of the customer.

I’m interested in hearing novel ideas about how an embryonic company, not yet in the marketplace, can get close enough to it to be able to rapidly change in response to changing needs.

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Do you really want to be an Entrepreneur? with David Campbell from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.

Do you really want to be an Entrepreneur?

Tony Redpath

Tony Redpath mentored entrepreneurs at MaRS, with a particular emphasis on environmental, advanced materials and manufacturing markets. His primary role was to ensure that MaRS has the right programs in place to help companies take their ideas to market and that these programs are working together. See more…