11 ways to build a successful recruitment strategy

11 ways to build a successful recruitment strategy

First impressions are everything. Get tips and templates from industry experts to build out an inclusive and efficient hiring process.

Startups just don’t have the luxuries that large corporations enjoy. Established recruitment budgets, brand-name recognition and an abundance of competitive applicants can be hard to come by on a tightly managed team.

This is where community advice and knowledge-sharing come into play. This collection of templates, tips, resources and tools can help to streamline talent acquisition and bring your company’s hiring practices to the next level.

Sharpen your hiring practices to create the best possible employee experience in 2020:


Diversity and Inclusion Handbook

What it is: A comprehensive guide on helping human resources professionals cement diversity and inclusion initiatives into their company’s core. Within the handbook, you’ll find tips on how to set reasonable goals, create a more inclusive onboarding process and create a robust talent pipeline.

How it can help: Adopting proven tactics to improve diversity and inclusion efforts within your company will not only benefit staff and make your company a more equitable work environment, but it will also improve performance.

Where to access it: Recruiting software platform Lever has made the handbook available for free on its website.


Sample Job Description Template for Startups

What it is: A job posting will be many peoples’ first glimpse into your company. This proven job description template will ensure sure you won’t miss any big opportunities to familiarize a candidate with your company’s mission, role requirements, working conditions and culture.

How it can help: Communication is key when attracting prospective talent. Having a template can help to cut down on the number of misdirected applicants and give job seekers a better sense of the role and the company right off the bat. Use this as a guide to make a good first impression.

Where to access it: The template can be downloaded from the MaRS Startup Toolkit.


The Ultimate New Hire Checklist

What it is: A detailed checklist template including all vital information for when you’re bringing on a new employee.

How it can help: Did you remember to tell the new hire about your company’s anti-harassment policies? How about where to pick up branded office supplies? Whether you use this directly or as a starting point to build a custom one, having a checklist on-hand will ensure everyone gets a homogenous experience when joining your company.

Where to access it: Find an overview and an instant, no-email required download on Betterteam’s website.


How to Sell Your Startup to Top Talent

What it is: A curation of tips to help recruitment specialists draw in top-tier talent to their startups. Geared especially to early-stage companies, recruiters are encouraged to treat applicants like customers and to know what makes their company special.

How it can help: Knowing how to leverage your startup’s unique selling points can draw in quality talent to ensure you’re not overlooked for bigger-name brands.

Where to access it: Find the full list of tips along with success stories and advice in the MaRS Startup Toolkit.


Interview Questions for Evaluating Prospective Talent

What it is: Sets of questions broken down by field to help recruiters find the best people in the job market.

How it can help: Regardless of what position you’re looking to fill, having the right set of strategic questions can help you judge candidates fairly and efficiently.

Where to access them:


An Explanation on Enforceable Employment Agreements

What it is: This video goes into the details of what an enforceable employment agreement entails, including length of employment, termination clauses and equity.

How it can help: Having the terms of any role explicitly written and agreed to can provide clarity to both parties and give your company a tangible reference in potential legal situations.

Where to access it: Watch the explainer video here and use these sample templates to help get you started.


The Ultimate Recruiting Toolbox

What is it: Built specifically for HR professionals and recruiters, this toolbox has close to 50 pages of forms, checklists, templates and tips for streamlined hiring.

How it can help: This is the type of document that you should keep bookmarked and revisit regularly. Use it as a gut-check and a guide for processes like screening calls, talent outreach, interview preparation and onboarding.

Where to access it: Find the LinkedIn Talent Solutions toolbox here.


A Starter Guide and Workbook for Writing Job Descriptions

What is it: Going beyond the basics of a job listing — the company description, job responsibilities, benefits — this guide will help you to create a persuasive and tailored description.

How it can help: When done correctly, job listings can help your company stand out from the rest without any sponsored placements. This guide helps to ensure the open role is adequately represented and that it will appeal as much as possible to the ideal candidate.

Where to access it: Find the full guide from Recruiting Social here for free. As an added consideration, be sure to cover these elements to make for inclusive descriptions.


How to Buy an Applicant Tracking System

What is it: A guide that outlines what criteria recruiters need to look for when deciding when it’s time to get an applicant tracking system (ATS) — software that tracks and manages job applicants.

How it can help: Determining an ATS vendor can be a lengthy and complicated process depending on a company’s needs. The guide helps to ask the right questions, identify key features in a system and build a business can for using an ATS.

Where to access it: Find the full guide from Newton Software here.


Video: Quick Recruitment Hacks

What is it: A six-minute long video highlighting unexpected recruitment hacks from talent acquisition experts.

How it can help: Taking the advice of experienced industry experts can help to build out an above-average recruitment experience. Building candidate profiles, defining your vision and telling a brand story are just some of the tips you can apply.

Where to access it: Be sure to watch the video featuring hiring specialists from Canadian startups.


How to Keep Candidates Engaged After Extending a Job Offer

What is it: Top-quality talent will likely get job offers from more than just one company. Keeping your role top-of-mind through an engagement plan can help keep them in the hiring pipeline and increase your changes of bringing in that new strong candidate.

How it can help: Post-offer engagement is often left unattended at large companies. Take advantage of this time to send through helpful materials for consideration, provide interview feedback and introduce potential teammates.

Where to access it: The team at Spark Hire put together an easy-to-follow plan.


For more advice, lessons and tips for professionals, visit the MaRS Startup Toolkit.